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Ben Shephard left red-faced after Susanna Reid flirts up a storm on GMB

The Good Morning Britain host is filling in for Piers Morgan

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Ben Shephard was left somewhat red-faced on Good Morning Britain today (June 11).

The GMB host came over bashful after Susanna Reid repeatedly complimented his new hair cut.

Ben Shephard GMB
Ben Shepherd wasn’t pleased to have a close-up of his greys on GMB (Credit: ITV)

“Back to therapeutic Thursdays Ben Shephard,” she said in the absence of her usual co-host Piers Morgan.

“Can I just say you’re looking very dapper.

“Did you have a sneaky trip to the barber?”

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Ben then replied: “My clandestine underground barbers… Mrs S went at me with the clippers yesterday.

“Actually I had a go myself and took a bit of a hole out of one side so she evened it up.”

Ben Shephard Susanna Reid GMB
Susanna Reid told her GMB co-host he looked very dapper (Credit: GMB)

Susanna then jokingly pointed out that Ben had a few more noticeable grey hairs on show.

“It’s looking very good,” she quipped. “It also looks like you’ve had highlights.

“How comes you’re able to carry that off but when it happens to me I have to get the root touch-up out?

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“It’s not to my personal liking but I like it on you!”

Ben then looked a little uncomfortable as all attention was on his new silver strands.

“The silver lining? Yeah, that’s a little bit more grey,” he admitted.

Ben Shephard Susanna Reid GMB
Ben Shephard is filling in for Piers Morgan (Credit: ITV)

At that moment, the camera then zoomed right in for a close up of Ben’s hair – which he wasn’t happy about at all.

“Crikey,” he snapped at the camera operator, realising how close the lens was to his hair. “Steady on!

“I’m not sure you need a close-up of Ben’s grey bits.”

Reassuring her co-host, Susanna told Ben that he looked “very distinguished”.

Ben is filling in for Piers today and tomorrow on Good Morning Britain.

This week alone, Ofcom received more than 500 complaints after Piers clashed with several guests including Rudy Giuliani and sacked US police officer Thomas Lane’s lawyer.

However, Piers’ absence has nothing to do with the complaints.

The presenter hosts the show from Monday to Wednesday.

During the coronavirus pandemic, he began hosting the show on Thursdays too but as lockdown measures ease, he is apparently now back to his usual schedule.

Good Morning Britain is on ITV, weekdays at 6am.

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