Natasha Blakeman in Coronation Street

Who is Natasha Blakeman in Coronation Street and will she survive Harvey’s attack?

Fans are convinced Natasha will be involved in an upcoming stunt

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Natasha Blakeman in Coronation Street is an ambitious hair stylist. She’s an ex-girlfriend of Nick Tilsley, and the mother to Nick’s son, Sam Blakeman.

She was in Coronation Street for two years between 2008 and 2010, and then returned in 2020.

Natasha is Sam’s mother (Credit: ITV)

Since her return, Natasha has allowed Sam to get to know her dad Nick.

However last week she was shot by drug lord Harvey Gaskell, who mistook her for Nick’s girlfriend Leanne.

Who plays Natasha Blakeman in Coronation Street?

Natasha Blakeman is played by Natasha Leskovac.

She had was already an established television actor when she landed the role of Natasha.

She had appeared in Doctors and The Royal among other shows and had made her name as killer nurse Kelly Yorke in Holby City.

Natasha and Nick have a lot of history (Credit: ITV)

Since she left Corrie the first time, back in 2010, Rachel’s career has gone from strength to strength. She’s been in Shameless, Happy Valley, Hollyoaks, Last Tango in Halifax and All Creatures Great and Small among others.

Off screen, Natasha is married to musician David Tench and the pair have a teenage daughter called Macy.

Natasha’s arrival in Coronation Street

Hairdresser Natasha arrived in Coronation Street to cover for Maria Connor, who’d taken time off after losing her baby.

Natasha started getting into trouble immediately when she started a romance with killer Tony Gordon.

Natasha is a proud mum to little Sam (Credit: ITV)

Later she got together with Nick Tilsley. Their romance wasn’t great though as Gail didn’t warm to her, and Nick was very reluctant to commit.

When Natasha found out she was pregnant, she was intending to tell Nick, but instead he ended their relationship.

Natasha had a romance with Corrie killer Tony Gordon (Credit: ITV)

When Natasha told him about the baby, he was angry. Natasha decided to have an abortion but let Nick believe she was still pregnant when they got back together.

She even nicked Fiz’s baby scan in an attempt to convince her ex.

When the truth came out, Natasha tried to take her own life, and eventually left Weatherfield. But she was hiding a secret!

Return to the cobbles

Natasha Blakeman reappeared in Coronation Street when Nick bumped into her at the hospital while he was visiting his stepson, Oliver.

It turned out, Natasha had a son – Sam – who was Nick’s child and who was desperate to get to know his dad.

Is Natasha in danger? (Credit: ITV)

Though there were some pretty major hiccups along the way  like Oliver’s tragic death, Nick having to go on into witness protection and little Sam being kidnapped, Natasha did let Nick get to know his son.

Sam’s in regular touch with his dad and even Leanne is growing to love the lad, despite grieving for Oliver.

Will Natasha survive being shot?

Last week, Harvey shot Natasha, believing her to be Leanne Battersby.

Leanne testified against Harvey in court and he was sent to prison. After finding out Leanne’s sister Toyah ruined his chance of appealing, he swore revenge on the sisters and escaped prison.

However he shot Natasha and Nick found the mother of his son on the floor of his flat, unconscious.

Natasha is currently in hospital, but will she pull through?

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