EastEnders fans laugh as Phil Mitchell confesses to Keanu's murder in front of his taxi driver

EastEnders fans threaten to give up on BBC soap over ‘ridiculous storylines’

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Viewers of EastEnders have accused the BBC soap of becoming “totally farcical” with too many “ridiculous storylines”.

The soap walked away from the National Television Awards this week with no trophies, compared to Coronation Street which won Serial Drama Performance and Newcomer.

Emmerdale win NTA 2020
Emmerdale won big at the NTAs 2020, but where were EastEnders’ gongs? (Credit: ITV)

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Meanwhile, Emmerdale walked away with the coveted Best Serial Drama gong.

And now soap fans have explained where they think EastEnders is going wrong.

It’s just a joke now and I’m not sure how long I’m sticking with it for.

Writing on Digital Spy Forums, one disgruntled fan complained: “EastEnders is getting ridiculous again. So Honey suddenly develops bulimia completely out of the blue? What a joke of a storyline!

“Then Sonia randomly gives £10,000 to a patient? As if! Even if you were being blackmailed, you would never do that in a million years.”

Sonia blackmail plot
Sonia stole from her beloved grandma Dot Branning to pay off her blackmailer (Credit: BBC)

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They continued: “I think Kate Oates is overrated to be honest. EastEnders hasn’t exactly been a massive improvement since she came in and the constant favouritism of Ben is annoying.

“It’s trying too hard to make us care about his supposed ‘suffering’. And the duff duffs have been questionable…”

Another agreed, writing: “Sonia being blackmailed on such flimsy evidence is totally farcical. Also ridiculous was Martin leaving evidence on a phone which could easily be found by Sharon. There are kids at school that could come up with better plans and more plausible plots. And why the hell hasn’t Ian had a lock put on his back door yet?”

Have Martin and Ben’s recent plots been believable? (Credit: BBC)

And the critics didn’t stop at Sonia, Martin and Ben.

A third blasted: “Then there’s Whitney, standing on a balcony and just waiting for her stalker to arrive instead of popping back into the club. Then, when he gets there, he confronts her and knocks her phone out of her hand and she doesn’t yell or scream. It’s pathetic.”

“I find the stuff with Linda more unbelievable,” said another. “That felt really rushed. She became an alcoholic pretty much overnight.

“Nobody really questions it either, pretty much everybody just feels embarrassed for her when she makes an appearance. Why aren’t people talking about it? Asking why she is suddenly like this? It’s just scene after scene of Linda being drunk,” said one more.

What do you think of Linda’s alcoholism storyline? (Credit: BBC)

One fan believes it had been improving, but “started spiralling again after Bex’s suicide attempt“.

They added: “Now it’s just Ben and Martin, Ben and Callum’s cringy relationship going round in circles, Ben trying to be something he’s not, the ridiculous Leo and Whitney storyline.

“It’s just a joke now and I’m not sure how long I’m sticking with it for.”

Others begged the BBC soap to go back to its roots.

Stalker Leo brings viewers out in hives (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders isn’t the only soap coming under fire from soap fans, though.

Corrie fans have begged the ITV soap to axe Gemma Winter, and have said they’re “bored” of the Tim Metcalfe bigamy storyline.

Emmerdale viewers also felt the need to point out a string of ‘mistakes’ in the recent murder of Graham Foster and arrest of main suspect Marlon Dingle.

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