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Emmerdale SPOILERS tonight: Charity finds herself in a VERY unexpected love triangle

Mackenzie might have lost Charity forever

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Emmerdale spoilers for tonight reveal Mackenzie Boyd drunkenly kisses Dawn Taylor – in front of girlfriend Charity Dingle.

Things aren’t going well for Mack and Charity this week. She has grown closer to ex Vanessa Woodfield and then had a go at Mack for not telling her Ryan’s adoptive mum had died sooner.

Mack is understandably unsettled by Charity’s behaviour and fears the worst about their future together.

Charity obviously still has feelings for ex Vanessa in Emmerdale (Credit: ITV)
Charity obviously still has feelings for ex Vanessa in Emmerdale (Credit: ITV)

Is Mack jealous of Vanessa?

“There’s an element of trepidation with Vanessa returning,” actor Lawrence Robb reveals.

“He’s anxious to meet her, given a tiny bit of him was responsible for the break-up of her and Charity. I think he’ll feel nervous that she’s returned.

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“He’s self-assured, so I think the nervousness stems from the fact that Charity might be having a wobble.

“He’s confident in himself, especially at the beginning of their relationship. It’s always been Charity that’s been treading on eggshells, so I think his nervousness probably stems from Charity’s wobbling!”

Does Mack really love Charity?

Vanessa and Charity’s flirty playdate concerned Mack, but when she confides in Vanessa about her problems with Mack and Ryan vulnerable Mack doesn’t see what’s really happening.

Lawrence said: “He absolutely cares for her! As far as past loves go, I think because he’s had a rough childhood, it probably has been difficult for him finding love before.

“As far as Charity being his first love, I don’t think so. But we don’t know.

“I think he sees a lot of himself in her. To not make Mack sound too narcissistic, he likes that. I think it’s the unknowing.

“The volatile element of not knowing what either one of them is thinking or going to do next is probably quite exciting for both of them.”

Mackenzie makes a shocking mistake by kissing Dawn in front of Charity (Credit: ITV)
Emmerdale spoilers reveal Mackenzie makes a shocking mistake by kissing Dawn in front of Charity (Credit: ITV)

Do Vanessa and Charity get back together on Emmerdale?

Until, that is, the not knowing sees Mack convince himself that Charity is reuniting with Vanessa.

After witnessing the former couple together, Mack panics and jumps to a huge conclusion – that’s very, very wrong!

In fact, Vanessa has just been counselling Charity in making things right with Mack.

“He sees Vanessa come out first and then Charity, and he knows they’ve been together for several hours,” Lawrence added.

Emmerdale Thu 27 Jan can Mack convince Charity to take him back?
Can Mack convince Charity to forgive him? (Credit: ITV)

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Do Mack and Charity break up?

“Unbeknown to him, he doesn’t realise Vanessa has been talking to Charity about going to him to apologise and explain.

“So, Mackenzie drunkenly kisses Dawn in front of Charity for the sole purpose of getting a reaction from Charity, which it definitely does.”

Will the mistake cost him Charity for good?

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