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Emmerdale fans turn against Rhona Goskirk after ‘horrible, self-serving’ act

Why did she say THAT to Marlon?!

Viewers of Emmerdale have slammed the behaviour of Rhona Goskirk, after what they believe was a “horrible, self-serving” act.

On Tuesday (March 3), the vet confided in Marlon Dingle about what his family were up to behind his back while he was in prison…

Including how Charity and Ryan stole Graham’s money and it could have got him out.

Marlon and April are going through very difficult times (Credit: ITV)

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Viewers know that Charity betrayed her cousin Marlon when she stole Graham’s money and chose to stay quiet about it instead of helping to release him from prison.

I’ve decided I don’t like Rhona. Sorry Emmerdale, I wouldn’t miss her.

Fans and police now know that Pierce Harris murdered Graham, but he framed Marlon and the chef spent weeks in prison while the police investigated the murder.

If Charity and Ryan had come clean sooner, then not only would police have started looking at Kim’s possible motive, then they may have worked out she paid Al Franklin to kill Graham.

Charity will feel Marlon’s wrath (Credit: ITV)

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Now Rhona has told Marlon the truth, the devastated chef will lash out at his family – sparking a heartbreaking divide between them.

But those watching from home turned against Rhona for telling Marlon about Charity’s involvement.

One wrote: “I set the bar very, very low at Rhona being a better friend and even that bar was way too high apparently.

“What’s the use in telling Marlon about the flipping money Charity took, something that wouldn’t have made any bloody difference whatsoever?”

Another said: “Just when I was liking Rhona on Emmerdale, she throws Charity under the bus. How about prefacing the story to Marlon with the fact Graham called Charity nasty names and locked Ryan in a shed?

“Also, the cops knew about the money (eventually) and it meant nothing for Marlon.”

A third added: “Rhona didn’t tell Marlon the whole truth in that it was actually GRAHAM who stole Kim’s money!

“She has conveniently forgotten how Graham physically bullied Ryan and that is why Charity took the money. I’ve decided I don’t like Rhona. Sorry Emmerdale, I wouldn’t miss her.”

“Very confused as to what exactly Rhona was trying to achieve by spilling all that to Marlon? AND going in hard on Charity too? Was it necessary?” asked another.

And one more said: “There isn’t a bin big enough for Rhona Goskirk and her horrible, self serving personality. #Emmerdale.”

Marlon demands Mandy moves out, and declares he’s done with all of the Dingles… (Credit: ITV)

In upcoming scenes, a wounded Marlon demands Mandy move out of his home, and tells the Dingle family he’s done with them.

Actor Mark Charnock revealed: “Marlon really goes after Charity and overreacts massively, although what she and Ryan did was pretty bad!

“They kept the money and tried to deflect any suspicion away from themselves. If they’d just come forward, it would have proved that other people could have killed Graham. So he’s incandescent with Charity and Ryan.”

Mark continued: “Rhona also tells Marlon that Kim could have hired someone to kill Graham. Marlon ends up hitting Al and really loses it with him.

“He wants Ellis to go to the police, but Ellis chickens out because he doesn’t want to dob his dad in. Marlon kicks Ellis out and when Billy tries to defend Ellis, he kicks Billy out too!”

Will the Dingle family ever be able to recover from this? (Credit: ITV)

Mark added: “Marlon might be overreacting to certain people, but he’s getting rid of anyone in his circle apart from his children, who he wants to focus on completely.

“The stress levels build and he even has a go at Chas for backing up Charity. He slowly but surely closes his family out of his life.”

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