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Leyla's secret is finally exposed

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Emmerdale spoilers for next week reveal Leyla’s big secret is finally out, but will anyone else in the village discover the truth?

Elsewhere, Marlon‘s health takes a turn for the worse and he’s sent back to hospital. Will he be okay? And how will Rhona cope?

Also, Noah‘s stalking of Chloe turns really sinister.

All this and more in next week’s Emmerdale spoilers.

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1. Leyla’s secret revealed

Leyla sees Jai in the Woolpack and says she believes the drugs weren’t his.

She continues to support him by suggesting she sets up a client hen do at The Hide.

Emmerdale Leyla and Suzy are partying with champagne and cocaine in Take A Vow

Leyla and Suzy collaborate on a business deal and the pitch goes well.

They return to Take A Vow and celebrate with drugs.

Leyla lounges on the desk as Suzy looks surprised to see Vanessa walk in in Emmerdale

As Leyla and Vanessa are having a cocaine-fueled party, Vanessa walks in.

Will she realise what they are up to? And will she expose Leyla’s big secret?

2. Marlon rushed to hospital

Marlon lies in bed as Rhona touches his shoulder in Emmerdale

Marlon has a cough, but Rhona has to go to work and is nervous about leaving him alone.

Bear steps in and takes him to the allotment, but when they bump into Liam, the doctor is worried about Marlon’s cough.

Emmerdale Mary watches worried as Rhona looks panicked

Liam decides to drive Marlon to hospital.

Rhona is horrified when she finds out where he is.

Emmerdale: Rhona stands worried by Marlon's hospital bed after he's admitted with pneumonia

Rhona finds out Marlon has aspiration pneumonia and has to wear a breathing mask.

She struggles to hide her worries from Marlon and he realises his condition is worse than she’s letting on.

The doctor explains to Rhona and Marlon his condition is serious in Emmerdale

The doctor explains Marlon will likely regress in his rehabilitation progress.

Rhona and Marlon are heartbroken by the set back.

3. Noah stalks Chloe

Noah is trying all he can to get in Chloe’s good books and she seems to be softening towards him.

But she has no idea he’s bought a drone and follows her home with it.

He’s soon hovering it outside her bedroom window recording her.

Noah continues to manipulate Chloe and even breaks into her room.

But oblivious Chloe thinks he’s being a friend and asks him to walk her home.

Noah is thrilled his plan is working.

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4. Faith ruins everything?

Faith tries to build bridges with Cain and Chas has a idea.

She tells Faith to use Kyle and gardening as a way in, so Faith suggests they work at the allotment together.

But Dan joins them and he ends up doing all the hard work!

Meanwhile, Faith sits in her deckchair and watches on.

Cain soon softens to Faith and agrees to bring Kyle over.

But is she about to do something stupid and undo all her hard work?

5. Amelia horrified by Dan in Emmerdale spoilers

Devastated Amelia is left horrified by Dan’s behaviour – but what has he done?

6. Gabby’s fears

Emmerdale Gabby looks worried as Dawn tries to reassure her

Gabby finds no sign of Thomas or Amelia when she gets home.

She is paranoid about Jamie, but Dawn reassures her he won’t return. Is she right?

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7. Ethan under pressure

Emmerdale Ethan's friend gives him some advice

Ethan feels the pressure of his case and calls a friend to advise him.

What will he say? And will it help?

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