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Emmerdale releases explosive new Christmas Day trailer

There's plenty of drama ahead...

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ITV’s Emmerdale has released a new trailer for Christmas Day and it looks like there will be plenty of drama ahead this festive season.

The trailer was posted to the soap’s official Twitter account.

In the trailer, Rhona asks Graham: “If Millie does turn out to be yours, are you really going to go?”

However it appears Graham could be sticking around and making a lot of enemies as Andrea asks why he’s wrecking everything.

Graham is making enemies this Christmas (Credit: ITV)

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Andrea isn’t the only one as Marlon later threatens the businessman saying: “The only place you’ll be is in the ground.”

With Graham being killed off at some point soon, are viewers getting a glimpse of the potential suspects?

Meanwhile, Jacob finds a baby on the doorstep of his home whilst Leyla can be heard saying: “how can she just abandon a baby?”

Jacob finds a baby on the doorstep (Credit: ITV)

It looks like Liam will be told about the baby, as he’s seen in Jacob and David’s home.

Leyla begs the doctor not to say anything as David says: “Not until we know who the dad is.”

Spoilers revealed the baby will be left with a note from David’s ex-girlfriend, paedophile schoolteacher Maya Stepney, who groomed David’s son Jacob.

Who is the father of the tot?

It looks like there will also be trouble ahead for the Dingles.

Noah is rushed into hospital (Credit: ITV)

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At the beginning of the trailer in the voiceover, Charity can be heard saying: “You better watch your back.”

Further on in the trailer, Noah is seen rushed through a hospital on a stretcher and Charity says: “You destroy everything you touch.”

But who is she talking to?

Emmerdale’ hour-long special airs at 7pm on ITV on Christmas Day.

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.

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