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Emmerdale: How old is Meena actress Paige Sandhu? Is she leaving the soap?

Paige has been in the soap for over a year now

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Emmerdale star Paige Sandhu has been in the village as Meena Jutla since September 2020 and we now know she’s even more sinister than we originally thought.

However, that couldn’t be further from actress Paige Sandhu, who plays her.

In fact, This Morning viewers were recently left stunned when they saw Paige give an interview in which she came across completely lovely!

So what do we know about Paige Sandhu?

Paige is a far cry from Meena in real life (Credit: ITV)

Who does Paige Sandhu play in Emmerdale?

Paige Sandhu plays serial killer Meena Jutla in the ITV soap.

Nurse Meena arrived in September 2020 as Manpreet Sharma‘s younger sister.

However last year it was revealed she had murdered her best friend Nadine.

She has since gone on to kill Leanna Cavanagh, Andrea Tate and Ben Tucker. She’s also attempted to murder Manpreet and Vinny Dingle, as well as kidnapped Billy and Dawn Fletcher and shot Leyla Cavanagh!

Meena is now behind bars for her crimes, but using everything in her power to manipulate her way out.

Emmerdale Meena talks to camera in sinister scenes
Will Charles be taken in by Meena? (Credit: ITV)

What was Paige Sandhu in before Emmerdale?

Emmerdale is Paige’s first TV role.

And boy, what a role to start with!

She has already won villain of the year at this year’s Inside Soap Awards and surely more gongs are likely to follow!

How old is Paige Sandhu?

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It is reported that Paige Sandhu was born in 1997.

Although her exact date of birth hasn’t been revealed, if she was born in 1997, this would make her 24/25.

Paige’s battle with anxiety

Paige has recently opened up about her battle with anxiety.

She told the Liverpool Echo: “When I left drama school I was a very anxious person. I wasn’t getting any jobs and I was struggling.

“The anxiety took the form of insomnia. Life was hard and a struggle.”

In order to cope, Paige turned to therapy to help – and found that tapping therapy made a difference.

Also known as Emotional Freedom Technique, its users believe tapping on certain points of the body helps alleviate emotional distress.

Now Paige is happier and has become a strong advocate for looking after your own mental health.

She writes down her thoughts and fears now.

The actress also meditates as well as taking classes in Pilates and yoga.

She added: “Just syncing my breath with the movement of my body and getting away from my thoughts can be really useful.”

Is Paige married?

Paige tends to keep her private life private and she has not revealed if she is married or in a relationship.

However according the the Mirror, the actress lives in London with her partner.

Although Paige doesn’t share much, she appears to be a big dog lover as she shared a photo of herself smiling and holding a dachshund on her Instagram.

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How many people has Meena killed?

Meena has murdered four people.

The first person she killed was her best pal Nadine Butler, however this was before she moved to the village.

Meena killed Leanna (Credit: ITV)

She then went on to murder Leanna Cavanagh, Andrea Tate and Ben Tucker.

She has also attempted to kill Victoria Sugden, Priya Sharma, Vinny Dingle and her own sister Manpreet Jutla.

Is Paige Sandhu leaving Emmerdale?

Yes, Paige will be leaving Emmerdale once the Meena story is wrapped up, but who knows when that will be!

As Meena is behind bars she is pretending to turn to God and repent her sins, but really she wants to lure in Charles Anderson to take revenge on Manpreet, who is his partner.

After confirming on This Morning the end was definitely near for Meena, Paige also told the Liverpool Echo: “The ending’s incredible, better than I could ever have imagined, and I have already started crying.

“[Meena] is a psychopath and believes nobody will ever get the better of her. Psychopaths are incapable of feeling fear like we can.”

How does Paige want Meena’s storyline to end?

It has not been confirmed how Meena’s storyline will finish, but Paige revealed in an interview last year she wants her character to die.

She told Entertainment Daily and other media: “I actually don’t know what’s going to happen with Meena.

“I believe that she has to have a comeuppance because that’s the most satisfying thing for the audience,” she said in an interview.

Paige wants Meena killed by Manpreet (Credit: ITV)

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“I would really love Meena to be killed by Manpreet, because Manpreet’s trying to save someone and stop Meena from being evil again.

“They have this beautiful sisterly moment where Meena’s dying in Manpreet’s arms. So that’s my dream.”

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