Does Manpreet Sharma in Emmerdale have more secrets about murderous sister Meena?

She's got a lot of questions to answer!

Manpreet Sharma in Emmerdale is in a bad way after being held hostage by psychotic sister Meena Jutla.

Can Manpreet survive evil Meena? (Credit: ITV)
Manpreet’s had a tough few weeks! (Credit: ITV)

She’s no stranger to drama, but this is the toughest few weeks Manpreet’s had since she arrived in Emmerdale.

So who is the damaged doctor and what’s her story?

Manpreet’s arrival in Emmerdale

Dr Manpreet Jutla arrived in the village to cover for GP Liam Cavanagh. She caught the eye of older man Rishi Sharma and the pair started dating.

Rishi fell hard for Manpreet but she was keeping a lot of secrets! (Credit: ITV)

But Rishi’s son, Jai, wasn’t keen on Manpreet and eventually discovered what she was hiding – she had a spending addiction and owed money.

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After she and Rishi got married in Vegas, he bailed her out leaving Manpreet feeling guilty about how much trouble she’d caused her new husband.

Manpreet’s spending habits, though, were really the least of the secrets she’d been keeping!

Manpreet and Charles

When Manpreet’s sister Meena arrived in the village she had lots to say about her big sister’s life before she lived in Emmerdale.

It turned out that many years before, Manpreet – who was married to ex-husband Dennis at the time – had a romance with new vicar Charles Anderson.

Manpreet and Charles had a history (Credit: ITV)

She’d told him her name was Saira and grown close to him and his young son, Ethan.

The pair planned to wed, with Manpreet encouraging Charles to splash out on wedding prep.

But then – obviously – she scarpered back to Dennis and their daughter Aiesha, leaving Charles bewildered and heartbroken.

Dennis went on to have affairs, including one with manipulative Meena, and the pair divorced.

Estranged from her sister, and with her shopping addiction taking hold, Manpreet came to Emmerdale. And the rest is history!

Is Manpreet Meena’s mum?

Fans have been confused about Manpreet and Meena’s relationship since the younger sibling arrived in the village.

Could Manpreet be Meena’s mother? (Credit: ITV)

With Meena around 20 years younger than her big sister, the age gap made viewers scratch their heads and many assumed there was going to be a twist in their relationship and that Manpreet would be revealed to be Meena’s mum.

In fact, there can’t be much of a difference between Meena and Manpreet’s daughter Aiesha in age.

But the predicted reveal didn’t happen!

Emmerdale spoilers Meena
We’re confused too, Meena (Credit: ITV)

The big age difference though is a puzzler. When Meena reminisced about the siblings’ childhoods as she was holding Manpreet captive, fans were confused as Manpreet would have been grown up before Meena was born.

And thinking about Meena having an affair with Manpreet’s husband made a lot of viewers feel uncomfortable. Just how old was Ms Jutla when that romance happened?

Who plays Manpreet in Emmerdale?

Manpreet is played by accomplished actress Rebecca Sarker. She’s no stranger to soap having starred as Nita Desai in Corrie.

Nita’s brother Vikram was played by Chris Bisson – who now plays Rebecca’s on-screen stepson, Jai Sharma!

Manpreet Emmerdale
Rebecca played Nita Desai in Corrie, alongside Chris Bisson who played Nita’s brother Vikram (Credit: ITV/YouTube)

Rebecca has also appeared in Holby City and Casualty, as well as Doctors, and on the big screen in John Carter.

What’s next for Manpreet?

With Manpreet recovering – hopefully – from her ordeal at the hands of Meena, she could really do with a bit of quiet.

But this is Emmerdale, and we’re pretty sure that’s not going to happen! Could she be set to reveal even darker secrets about Meena stretching back years, now she’s had time to digest all that she has learned about her murderous ways?

Serial killers don’t go from nothing to their murder sprees after all!

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