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Emmerdale fans horrified Charles has already moved on from Andrea

Andrea deserved better

Emmerdale fans have been left fuming at Charles Anderson as he seems to have completely moved on from Andrea Tate only weeks after her death.

His girlfriend only died at Meena Jutla‘s hands seven weeks ago, yet he already seems to be smitten with former partner Manpreet Sharma.

The pair confessed their love for each other last night (Tuesday, December 7). Even though Charles told Manpreet it was too soon for them to actually be together, fans were still pretty horrified at the move.

Emmerdale Dec 7 Charles and Manpreet share a moment on a bench
Manpreet and Charles are growing closer (Credit: ITV)

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What happened between Charles and Manpreet in Emmerdale?

After Manpreet gave counsel to Ethan, a grateful Charles invited her for a walk. When he then offered to share his flask of tea, Manpreet took that to mean something more and leaned in to kiss him.

Although Charles pulled away, he later told her: “We can’t afford to trust our feelings at the moment, no matter how powerful they are.

“I feel like I’m on some sort of rollercoaster and the more I try to get off I can’t.”

Manpreet apologised and said it wouldn’t happen again, but Charles called her back.

“You know I’ve still got feelings for you, I admitted it the day she died. Manpreet I never stopped loving you.”

He added: “I’m in love with you. I always have been.”

Charles then told her he wanted to do things properly this time round and they needed to be honest.

“No surprises and no more secrets” was what they agreed. But of course, Manpreet is keeping a huge whooper of a secret: that Meena texted Ethan pretending to be his mum. Will she confess everything ahead of their fresh start?

Charles pulled away from Manpreet, but also confessed his love (Credit: ITV)

Why were fans horrified by Charles in Emmerdale?

With Andrea barely cold in the ground, viewers are pretty disgusted that he would confess his love to someone else so soon.

Will Manpreet confess she is hiding one more secret? (Credit: ITV)

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Who murdered Andrea Tate in Emmerdale?

Andrea was left for dead in the maize maze during Emmerdale’s survival week.

She had witnessed Meena trying to drown Victoria Sugden and then Meena chased her into the maze.

Meena hit her over the head with a sign and left her to die. Andrea’s body was recovered after the blaze was put out.

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