Emmerdale Cain and Chas protect murderer Moira but not innocent Liv

Emmerdale fans slam ‘hypocritical’ and ‘laughable’ Dingle code

They'll protect murderer Moira, but not innocent Liv!

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Emmerdale fans have been left fuming over last night’s episodes as the Dingle family used their so-called ‘Dingle Code’ to turn on Liv Flaherty.

With Liv denied bail after being charged with murdering Ben, her brother Aaron decided he needed some space and left town on Monday, December 6.

Heartbroken Chas was looking for someone to blame and settled on imprisoned Liv, paying her a visit on Tuesday, December 7 and issuing a vile attack on her. She then insisted the Dingles cut Liv out forever.

But those watching at home were pretty fed-up with the ‘hypocritical’ Dingles and their ‘laughable’ code.

Emmerdale Cain and Chas insist the Dingles disown Liv at the Dingle meeting
Cain and Chas seem to have forgotten their own misdeeds (Credit: ITV)

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What did fans say about the Dingle code?

Viewers couldn’t believe their ears as Cain, in particular, called Liv a “cold-blooded killer” and agreed with Chas they should have nothing more to do with her.

He seems to be conveniently forgetting his own wife, Moira, actually did murder someone and he has no problem protecting her.

And there isn’t a Dingle about that hasn’t been in prison for something – most of them accused of murder themselves. Heck, Cain himself threatened to murder Al in cold-blood only the other week!

Emmerdale Sam, Mandy and Vinny all attend a Dingle meeting in the Woolpack
There were only three other Dingles at the Dingle family meeting (Credit: ITV)

Where were all the other Dingles?

Other fans thought it was ridiculous the family should be taking a vote on Liv’s fate without actually consulting the other family members.

Many were missing from the meeting including Zak, Charity and Marlon.

Moira is a killer and Cain protects her (Credit: ITV)

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Who did Moira murder in Emmerdale?

The Dingles don’t yet know that Liv is completely innocent and in actual fact serial killer Meena Jutla offed Ben. And even if Liv was guilty, she doesn’t remember a thing about that night as she was drunk, so it would hardly be a ‘cold-blooded’ killing.

However, someone we know to be very definitely guilty is Moira, who pushed Emma Barton off the viaduct bridge.

Emma had been responsible for a number of deaths in the village, including her husband, James Barton, and her own son, Finn Barton.

She had also attempted to murder Moira moments before Moira gave birth to her son, Isaac. Emma had subsequently kidnapped Isaac, believing him to be her grandson.

Moira was recovering in hospital, as Emma back in the village decided to take her own life. When her body was found, it was assumed she had jumped off the bridge.

However, it soon became apparent she had been pushed and after a number of weeks, flashbacks revealed Moira was responsible.

Moira claimed Emma had goaded her into doing it because she wasn’t strong enough to kill herself. Emma taunted her over her unknown pregnancy, mocked Moira’s son Adam, and suggested Moira was responsible for drug-addict daughter Holly’s death.

Even though Moira handed herself into the police, Adam gave a false confession to save his mum. He then went on the run and hasn’t been seen since.

When Aaron left on Monday night he said he was going to join Adam somewhere in Europe.

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