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Emmerdale: 5 most shocking affairs in the village

Being faithful isn't common in the Dales

Emmerdale should be known as the affair capital of the country.

Rarely is there a week that one neighbour isn’t attempting to get into the pants of someone else’s partner.

And it’s not just the usual suspects – though these five affairs rocked the village.

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Cain and Moira

It may seem a hundred years ago now but before they cheated on each other repeatedly, Cain and Moira began as an affair.

In 2011 Moira was married to John Barton and couldn’t stand Cain.

But soon after they began a passionate and shocking affair. And then they got married and affairs still stayed in their lives – only with other people.

It’s a cautionary tale for the ages.

Chas and Cameron

Let’s be clear – Cameron Murray was no catch in Emmerdale.

He was a psychotic serial killer who convinced Debbie Dingle that she is capable of love so that was something bizarre, but also he cheated on her with Chas Dingle.

Nothing like keeping it in the family. Especially as he killed Chas’s sister in his murder spree.

Ross and Debbie’s Emmerdale affair

Nothing quite gives an affair storyline a kick than making it a family affair.

So when Debbie Dingle set her sights on Ross Barton, it was fireworks.

Especially as she was engaged to his brother Pete.

But it all ended in tears when he fathered a baby with her mother Charity, and Debbie accidentally caused him to become the victim of an acid attack. As one does.

Jamie and Belle – a match made in hell (Credit: ITV)

Jamie and Belle

There is nothing like love’s young dream and this was nothing like love’s young dream.

Poor little rich boy Jamie Tate falling for Dingle royalty Belle was a choice for storyliners – especially as he was married to Andrea.

With all good soap affairs this soon changed with Jamie framing Belle for the attempting murder of her sister-in-law and confirming himself a new villain rising.

And Belle just continued being quite dreary.

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Laurel and Bob should never have happened (Credit: ITV)

Bob and Laurel

Of all the affairs in Emmerdale – this one was truly shocking.

Who would have thought that Laurel Thomas would have embarked on an affair with Bob Hope? Bob Hope!

He must have hidden attributes because he’s been married about 40 times and has more children than the Radfords.

But to have an affair with Laurel behind Brenda’s back was deeply shocking. She was married to a vicar for crying out loud.

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