Where has Debbie Dingle gone in Emmerdale? Will she return?

Debbie first appeared in 2002

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Debbie Dingle has been in Emmerdale since December 2002. But who is Debbie?

Here is everything you need to know about the character!

Who are Debbie Dingle’s parents in Emmerdale?

Debbie Dingle is the daughter of Cain Dingle and Charity Dingle.

When they were teenagers, second cousins Cain and Charity started dating and Charity got pregnant.

Charity have birth to a daughter and was forced to give her to her dad Obadiah‘s alcoholic friend Pat Jones, who named her Debbie.

Debbie found out Charity and Cain were her birth parents (Credit: ITV/Shutterstock)

Debbie arrived in the village in 2002 and was a temporary foster child to Paddy and Emily Kirk.

But it wasn’t long before she discovered her parents Charity and Cain were living in Emmerdale.

Debbie has seven siblings altogether. On her mum’s side, she has a three half-brothers; Ryan, Noah and Moses. She also has an adoptive brother Johnny, who is the biological son of Vanessa Woodfield.

One her dad’s side she also has three half brothers; Nate Robinson, Kyle Winchester and Isaac Dingle.

Debbie has two children, Sarah Sugden Jr and son Jack Sugden Jr. Their dad is Andy Sugden.

Who plays Debbie in Emmerdale?

Debbie is played by Charley Webb.

The actress joined the soap in 2002 aged just 14.

Who is Charley Webb married to?

Charley is married to her co-star Matthew Wolfenden, who plays David Metcalfe on the soap.

Their wedding, in February 2018, was a surprise ceremony to guests who thought they were there to celebrate Charley’s 30th birthday.

The pair announced they were expecting their first child in 2009 and Charley gave birth to Buster in April 2010.

In December 2015, Bowie came along to join his brother.

Their third child, Ace, was born in July 2019.

As well as her famous husband, Charley has a famous brother – Jamie Lomas, who stars as Warren Fox in Hollyoaks.

Who is Debbie Dingle married to?

Over the years, Debbie Dingle has had relationships with many different villagers including Andy Sugden, Jasmine Thomas, Cameron Murray, Scott Windsor and even her second cousin Eli Dingle.

In 2015, Debbie married Pete Barton but she’d been having an affair with his brother Ross.

Debbie married Pete but had been having an affair with Ross (Credit: ITV/Shutterstock)

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A recording of Debbie and Ross discussing their infidelity was played at the wedding. But moments later, a helicopter crashed into the village.

Later Debbie and Pete got divorced. In 2018 she planned to marry Joe Tate. However Kim Tate wanted him dead and he fled the village on his wedding day.

Joe had to flee the village in 2018 to get away from Kim Tate (Credit: ITV)

Cain believed he had killed Joe as he knocked him unconscious for leaving Debbie at the altar. But it was revealed months later Joe was alive.

Most recently Debbie dated Al Chapman. However she discovered he was engaged to Priya Sharma and set him up to be exposed as a love rat.

What is wrong with Debbie’s daughter, Sarah?

Over the years, Debbie has been involved in storylines surrounding her daughter, Sarah’s health.

In 2011 Sarah was diagnosed with a rare genetic condition called Fanconi anaemia.

Debbie first noticed something wasn’t right with Sarah in 2011 (Credit: ITV/Shutterstock)

It was revealed that Sarah needed a bone marrow donor. But despite Sarah’s dad Andy, Debbie and all their family members and half the village being tested, no one was a match.

After a donor fell through at the last moment, Andy and Debbie were desperate to find a way to help their daughter and they decided to have another baby.

Even though Debbie was in a relationship with Cameron Murray at the time, she and Andy spent the night together and conceived Jack.

It was revealed the baby was a match and Sarah had her transplant.

Did Sarah have cancer?

In 2016 Sarah was diagnosed with throat cancer when living in France, leading Debbie to return to Emmerdale with her two children.

Sarah’s best chance of survival was to have proton beam therapy. But it was expensive and not available on the NHS, so Debbie set up a crowd funding page.

Later £20,000 was added to the page, and it soon transpired it was Sarah’s great grandmother Faith Dingle who sent the money.

In the end Faith went with Sarah to Prague to get her cancer treatment because Debbie wasn’t allowed as she was on police bail at the time.

Sarah before her heart transplant (Credit: ITV/Shutterstock)

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Sarah responded well to the treatment, returned to the UK and then had an operation, which was also a success.

However just two years later Sarah was told she had heart failure, which turned out to be a very rare side-effect of her chemotherapy.

As Debbie was dating Joe Tate, he paid for her to have the best healthcare. Later Sarah had a heart transplant which was successful.

Emmerdale Debbie Dingle tells Priya Sharma Al Chapman has been sleeping with them both
Debbie caused a lot of drama last time she was in town (Credit: ITV)

Where is Debbie Dingle in Emmerdale?

Debbie moved to Scotland in 2019 when actress Charley Webb went on maternity leave to have her third child, Ace.

She returned at Christmas 2020 and revealed she’d been sleeping with Al Chapman – who was engaged to Priya Sharma at the time.

Debbie told Priya the man they were both seeing was a sleazy cheater and they set him up by stealing money from The Hop and framing him.

But Charity ruined the plan.

Debbie decided to return to Scotland with her dad, Cain, to sort a manager for her garage up there before returning to deal with Al at another time.

Before leaving, Debbie handed Kim back the stolen money from The Hide business account.

Debbie and Cain then left the village. However, Cain returned, but Debbie did not.

Is Debbie Dingle returning to Emmerdale?

It was believed Debbie would be back at some point, however, a source recently told The Sun: “Charley is closing the door on Emmerdale for good and won’t be going back. The past few months have given her time to think about the future and it is one that doesn’t involve Emmerdale.”

Meanwhile, an ITV spokesperson said there are “no plans for Debbie Dingle to return” to the ITV soap.

It was also reported her husband Matthew Wolfenden being allegedly caught up in a racist row on set was behind her decision.

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