Darcy Grey as Marcus Dean in Emmerdale

Darcy Grey: Emmerdale star’s real-life relationship after ‘marrying at a young age’

Marcus has arrived

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Darcy Grey arrived in Emmerdale as Marcus Dean back in February.

Pierce Harris‘s son was never going to be totally straightforward and it looks like there’s more to come from Marcus’s character.

But what about Darcy in real life? From an exotic childhood to a young marriage, here’s all we know about the Emmerdale actor.

Darcy Grey smolders during an interview with Lorraine
Darcy joined the Emmerdale cast earlier this year (Credit: ITV)

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Who is Emmerdale star Darcy Grey?

Marcus is played by 30-year-old actor Darcy Grey.

Darcy was born in the UK then moved to Spain and lived there for 13 years. As a result, he is fluent in both Spanish and English.

In an interview with Lorraine when he arrived on the soap he told her: “I’ve used it loads.

“My stepdad is Spanish so I’ve tried to keep up as much as I possibly can.

“Whenever we go to Spain it’s only then I go ‘okay this is useful’.”

He can also speak Russian after studying at The Boris Schukin Institute.

What else has Darcy Grey been in?

Darcy has appeared in a few short films and TV movies including A Warriors Afterlife, Certified Mail and Verrater and Snakebite Protection Chronicles.

He’s also appeared in TV series’ Cedar Sequoia International and Pennyworth.

Ethan and Marcus grow closer in Emmerdale
Darcy pursued his acting career alongside selling dog food! (Credit: ITV)

What did Darcy do before joining Emmerdale?

In a recent interview, Darcy revealed that he used to sell ‘posh dog food’ as well as doing auditions after drama school.

Speaking to Entertainment Daily and other media he said: “It’s just such a funny thing, it’s such a weird thing to do.

“I’ve always sort of been a bit embarrassed by it. But basically I was selling posh dog food, which is the most bizarre thing.”

He continued: “It’s really really good food and I love animals and I love dogs and it’s one of those things where the company themselves they employ only actors I suppose because we somehow know how to talk to people and coerce them into buying this dog food.

“It’s something I did, which to be honest it really did save me after drama school, I’ve got to give them credit. It meant that I could work on weekends, I was able to make some money and audition during the week.”

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Is Darcy Grey married?

Darcy keeps his private life very private, however, he is believed to be married to his long-term partner Christine Lisowski.

The pair got hitched in 2014, meaning Darcy was just 22 at the time they wed.

They have now been married for eight years.

Darcy has an older brother, who he has shared a childhood picture on Instagram with.

Just before he appeared on screen, he posted the snap with a caption: “It’s been a long old journey, but my face finally appears on TV tonight.

“This time last year, I had no idea where it was all going, and before that the countless years I told myself I was going to quit.

“Stubbornness sometimes bloody wins. In the meantime, here’s a pic of where it all started with pops and my older bro, Ibiza.”

Darcy grew up with his mother, who liked to travel, and although he knows his father, he didn’t grow up with him.

“There’s always been a bit of separation even though we’ve been very empathetic and close,” Darcy told us.

“I’ve always thought, ‘I’m not really like him. I’m definitely like my mum.’

“But, as I’m growing older I’m noticing moments where I’m like, ‘My dad reacts like that and my dad does these sorts of things.'”

Emmerdale Marcus Dean is Pierce Harris's son
After a bumpy start Marcus is settling into the village (Credit: ITV)

Marcus Dean in Emmerdale

Marcus Dean is the 30-year-old son of Rhona’s ex-husband and rapist, Pierce Harris.

Rhona received a letter from Pierce in prison telling her he was dying and wanted help finding his son Marcus, who he hadn’t seen in years.

She tracked him down, but Pierce died before they could meet.

Things got awkward when Marcus decided to stick around in the Dales because he fell for Ethan Anderson.

The couple’s sweet relationship has been going from strength to strength. But it has come under pressure due to their different backgrounds. Ethan is a solicitor and Marcus an electrician.

They’ve worked through it and Marcus is even standing by Ethan as the rest of the village turn against him for representing Billy’s attacker.

Ethan finally realises he needs to cut Jordan lose, but it could end in tragedy when Jordan attacks him.

Will Marcus be left grieving his other half so soon?

And is he really as good as he makes out he is? Or could Marcus be hiding a very dark secret indeed?

Darcy teased Marcus could be like his dad (Credit: ITV)

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Darcy reveals if Marcus is like Pierce

With a dad like Pierce Harris, it would be little wonder if Marcus wasn’t twisted or sinister in some way!

Speaking about whether Marcus is anything like his father, Darcy said: “I think Marcus likes to think that he’s nothing like his dad.

“But I think that sort of instinctual thing that comes out of him through the story I think that’s the bit that we’ll tend to see he is quite similar to his dad at some point I suppose.”

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