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Emmerdale: Is Marlon going to leave? Will he recover?

Marlon had a stroke a couple of months ago

Emmerdale character Marlon has been through a lot over the last couple of months.

After suffering a stroke back in March, Marlon has been in recovery.

He has just returned home after a second stay in hospital, but is Marlon going to leave, and will he ever recover?

Emmerdale Marlon has a stroke
Marlon had a stroke (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale: What’s wrong with Marlon Dingle?

Marlon had a stroke in March.

After Marlon and Rhona proposed to each other, they were excited to start celebrating.

When Marlon returned home to look for the ring he bought Rhona, his vision began to blur and he was unable to speak.

His daughter April grew concerned when she hadn’t seen her dad in a while and went to look for him at the house.

Soon April discovered Marlon on the floor and called for an ambulance.

He was taken into hospital and it was confirmed the chef had suffered a stroke.

Marlon was in the hospital for a month before he was able to return home.

Recently he was out in the allotment with Liam when Liam noticed Marlon had a cough.

It turned out Marlon had developed aspiration pneumonia and doctors believed it was caused by food caught in his lungs.

He endured another stay in hospital, but this week, Marlon was able to return home.

Emmerdale: Rhona stands worried by Marlon's hospital bed after he's admitted with pneumonia
Marlon has been in and out of hospital (Credit: ITV)

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Will Marlon recover from his stroke?

It has not been revealed if Marlon will ever fully recover from his stroke.

Each person’s recovery is completely different.

Although Marlon has been growing frustrated with his recovery, his speech and motor skills appear to be improving.

Stroke survivor Nick Hounslow has helped Emmerdale with Marlon’s storyline.

Nick suffered a stroke on February 1 2020 at the age of 46 while playing hockey.

Speaking about what happened, he told Entertainment Daily and other media: “It was, fundamentally, a very scary moment. I guess my life jut completely changed from that moment on.

“I almost had an out of body experience – I suddenly couldn’t track the hockey ball, I started to lose grip of my hockey stick and I felt like I was watching everything going on just behind me – 10 metres behind me watching myself.”

Talking about his recovery, he said: “I’m probably 85% recovered. I’ve had a lot of help from friends, family, the Stroke Association have been critical for me getting recovered because it was right at the beginning of the pandemic.”

Emmerdale Marlon is dejected and Mary tries to help
Mary is helping to care for Marlon (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale: Is Marlon going to leave?

It looks like Marlon won’t be leaving the soap anytime soon.

Currently Marlon is back home in the village with his mother-in-law Mary being his main carer.

His fiancée Rhona has returned to work part time, meanwhile the rest of Marlon’s family have been helping with his recovery.

The road ahead is long though, with Marlon’s first physio session a struggle.

Can he put this latest setback behind him and move forward?

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