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Emmerdale Marcus: Fans predict ‘dark twist’ with Ethan’s ‘dodgy’ boyfriend

Fans don't appear to trust Marcus

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Emmerdale fans have been growing increasingly suspicious of Marcus, believing he’s not to be trusted and there could be a ‘dark twist’ ahead.

Marcus is the son of rapist and murderer Pierce Harris. He arrived in the village earlier this year to see Rhona after learning his dad was dying.

Although he’s been in the village for a few months and started a relationship with Ethan Anderson, fans think he can’t be trusted.

Marcus arrived in Emmerdale this year. But can he be trusted?

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Emmerdale fans suspicious of ‘dodgy’ Marcus

A few months Ethan and Marcus began dating.

In this week’s scenes, Ethan decided to move into Tall Trees as there was a room up for rent.

Marcus helped his boyfriend with the move. However when the two settled in to have a night in together, Marcus was annoyed when Ethan got called into work.

Solicitor Ethan went down to the police station to represent a man named Jordan who had been arrested for assault.

Emmerdale Ethan and Jordan at police station sat at table talking about assault charge
Ethan was called into work to represent Jordan. But fans think he could be connected to Marcus (Credit: ITV)

Ethan was shocked to learn Jordan’s victim was his neighbour Billy Fletcher.

Jordan claimed he was acting in self defence. But in hospital Billy told his wife Dawn that the attack was racially aggravated.

Later when Ethan returned home Marcus clearly wasn’t happy Ethan had been gone most of the evening.

However fans are now convinced that Marcus is dodgy and may even have a connection to Ethan’s client Jordan.

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Marcus first appeared earlier this year when Pierce Harris got in contact with Rhona to tell him he’s dying and wanted to reconnect with his son, Marcus.

So what’s the deal with Marcus? Is he playing Ethan along?

Rhona managed to get in contact with Marcus, but he soon turned up in the village surprising Rhona.

Pierce died before Marcus could see him and Ethan helped Marcus with Pierce’s estate.

The two then began dating, but can Marcus be trusted?

What do you think?

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