Coronation Street Dec 1 Curtis's dad Neville arrives

Coronation Street tonight: Curtis’s big lie exposed as his dad arrives

Curtis is exposed as a liar in tonight's visit to the cobbles

Coronation Street tonight sees Curtis Delamere exposed as his supposedly dead dad turns up on the cobbles.

As Curtis scrambles to cover his back, will Neville blow his son’s secret wide open?

Meanwhile, Zeedan is worried over Hashim’s threats, and Daisy tries to move on from Daniel.

All this and more in tonight’s Coronation Street spoilers.

How will Curtis talk his way out of this one? (Credit: ITV)

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Coronation Street: Curtis exposed

Curtis isn’t happy when he discovers Emma’s been in touch with his family to tell them about the wedding.

Meanwhile, Emma tells Aggie Curtis has dropped out of medical school, but he refuses to discuss it. He leaves for his appointment with the specialist and Emma waits in the waiting room.

He later reveals to Emma that although his condition is very serious, it can be managed.

However, the good news is overshadowed by the arrival of Neville on the Street. Neville says he’s Curtis’s dad, leaving Emma gobsmacked.

Of course, Emma believes he’s dead and Curtis has to quickly cover explaining Neville is his stepdad.

Neville is devastated to realise the lies his son has told, but goes along with it. Is there more to it?

Will Zeedan and Alya save the family? (Credit: ITV)

Zeedan fears for his family

As Zeedan and Ryan try desperately to find a way to launder Hashim’s cash, Alya takes a call from Elaine who wants to sell her shares in the business.

Zeedan realises they need to make some money fast and ups their game with the food van. They want to pitch it at the Christmas market.

But when Zeedan gets a threatening text from Hashim, it’s clear their plan might be too little too late.

Can Daisy move on from Daniel? (Credit: ITV)

Daisy moves on

Daisy tells Jenny Daniel is history and she accepts an invitation from Ashley for a weekend away.

Meanwhile, Adam reckons Daniel has dodged a bullet when Daniel reveals Daisy has dumped him for a footballer.

As Daniel tells Daisy he’s pleased she’s moved on, it’s clear neither of them are actually happy about it.

Jenny urges Daisy to be honest with Daniel, but will she bring herself to be?

Even Bernie can see Grace isn’t being the best mother (Credit: ITV)

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Grace leaves Glory home alone in Coronation Street

Aggie is furious Grace sold the sofa and Grace admits she needs the cash. Aggie refuses to babysit again so Grace leaves Glory home alone to meet Bernie at the Christmas market.

When Bernie realises what Grace has done, she orders her home to care for her daughter.

But how will Aggie react when she finds out?

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