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Coronation Street SPOILERS: Daniel in trouble with the police as he’s accused of grooming

Summer is in for public humiliation too

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Coronation Street spoilers for next week show Daniel in deep water as he’s accused of grooming student Summer by jealous Max.

The spiteful schoolboy believes he’s got the evidence that will prove Daniel’s abusive antics.

Daniel is horrified when Max confronts him and begs Summer to clear his name.

But as things spiral, Daniel gets collared by the police and faces losing everything.

Coronation Street spoilers: Max and Daniel

Coronation Street spoilers max Summer
Summer tries to reason with Max (Credit: ITV)

They’ve often clashed before, but Max hates Daniel for ‘making a move’ on Summer.

He’s already got footage of Daniel giving Summer a lift home, but at the Ice Ball, he finds more evidence.

He sees Daniel going into Summer’s bag, not realising that the concerned teacher wants her to eat an energy bar due to diabetes.

When he searches the bag later, Max finds a love poem in Daniel’s writing and believes it’s a lover’s gift.

What he doesn’t realise is that the poem is part of Summer’s Oxford application instead.

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Armed with all his evidence, Max furiously confronts Daniel, who denies it all.

He goes to Summer and asks her to put Max straight and back him up that nothing inappropriate has ever happened between them.

Summer agrees immediately, but then inadvertently makes everything worse…

Under suspicion!

Daniel Max Summer
It all kicks off at the Ice Ball (Credit: ITV)

When Summer catches up with Max, she makes him feel small as she berates him for getting this wrong.

She’s deeply embarrassed because it’s her with the crush on Daniel, and he’s done nothing wrong.

Humiliated and rejected, Max won’t believe her and decides to do his worst and bring Daniel down.

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The Ice Ball is thrown into chaos as Max unleashes a public humiliation on both Daniel and Summer.

But as Billy and Paul, plus Daniel’s superiors, demand answers, the police are called.

Can Daniel prove that he’s an innocent man, or has Max destroyed his career?

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