Coronation Street first look week 24

Coronation Street spoilers: First look at all-new pics for June 13-17

Toyah goes to the police

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Coronation Street spoilers for next week reveal Toyah hands herself into the police after Imran’s funeral. But did she do anything wrong?

Meanwhile on the cobbles, Abi prepares to fight for Alfie, and Phill has another bombshell for Fiz.

All this and more in next week’s Coronation Street spoilers.

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1. Toyah breaks at Imran’s funeral

Corrie Leanne comforts a grief-stricken Toyah

Toyah delivers a heartfelt eulogy at Imran’s funeral.

She says she wishes she had died instead of Imran.

Corrie Peter tells Toyah the police have been asking questions

As the funeral ends, Peter tells Toyah about Adam’s allegation.

He reveals the police have questioned him about Susie and her desperation for a baby.

2. Toyah hands herself in

Worried Leanne is desperate for news of Toyah and calls the station in Corrie

Toyah goes to the police station and she he tells DS Swain there are things they need to talk about.

Leanne later calls the station for news of her sister.

Toyah looks worried on the phone in Coronation Street

Toyah makes it clear she didn’t intend to kill herself or Imran.

She insists she won’t lie, but what is the truth?

3. Fiz moves back in

Corrie Phill looks grateful to Tyrone

Phill breaks the news the whole house needs rewiring and it’s a death trap.

Tyrone suggests Fiz and the girls move back in with him and Phill thinks that’s best.

4. Phill drops another bombshell on Fiz

Phill drops a bombshell on Fiz in Coronation Street

Phill tells Fiz his mother can attend their wedding.

Worse still, she wants to help plan it!

Coronation Street Fiz looks absolutely furious

Furious Fiz says she can come to the wedding, but she’s not helping at all.

Will Phill and Mimi back down?

5. Jack finds out the truth

Jack wishes Kevin and Abi luck after overhearing their conversation in Corrie

Jack overhears Kevin had an affair with Molly resulting in his birth and struggles to take it in.

Despite his shock, he wishes Abi and Kevin luck at Alfie’s hearing.

6. Abi fights for Alfie

Coronation Street Kevin looks at nervous Abi

Abi thinks she’s ruined her chances of winning custody when she gets to court and mouths off to a woman in the waiting room who turns out to be the judge.

The solicitor then recommends Alfie remain in care.

Coronation Street Kevin looks at nervous Abi

However, Abi is allowed to keep Alfie, but she has to stay in a mother and baby foster care facility.

She later meets her foster carer, Wendy Papadapoulos.

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7. Brian proposes

Coronation Street Brian looks surprised as he proposes

Cathy isn’t as enthused with Brian’s plans for Cornwall as he is.

After Evelyn tells Brian to be more romantic, he comes up with a plan…

Coronation Street Cathy doesn't seem pleased with Brian's proposal

Cathy is stunned when he suggests they get married.

Evelyn later advises Cathy to come clean about her misgivings, but instead Cathy agrees to marry him.

8. David treats Max in Coronation Street spoilers

Coronation Street David talks to Max looking confused

David gives Max gives some cash and tells him to treat Sonya to dinner.

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9. Debbie confronts Leanne and Nick

Corrie Leanne and Nick are shocked when Debbie tells them the accounts are down

Debbie tells Leanne and Nick £4k is missing from the business account.

Do they know where the money is?

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