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Coronation Street in 2022: Who’s leaving and who’s joining Weatherfield?

There are lots of old faces coming back!

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Who’s leaving Coronation Street in 2022? And who is returning to the cobbles?

The soap has said goodbye to some big names already this year: killing off Imran Habeeb only a couple of weeks ago.

But there are some familiar faces returning to fill the gap – could Rosie and Sophie Webster also be back?

There’s a lot of changes coming up to the cast of Coronation Street 2022!

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Who’s returning to Coronation Street in 2022?

Coronation Street Rosie Webster roles her eyes at sister Sophie
Could Rosie and Sophie be on their way back? (Credit: ITV)

Rosie and Sophie Webster?

Both Rosie and Sophie Webster are much-missed, not just by their mum, Sally, but also by the viewers.

Their names crop up often and it’s clear they are very much still in the consciousness of the soap and fans alike.

But are they returning?

Helen Flanagan, who plays Rosie, left the cobbles in 2018 to have her second child.

She has not returned, at the time citing the fact her fiancé, Scott Sinclair lived and worked in Glasgow and it was too far to commute.

But footballer Scott has since signed for Preston North End, which is much closer to where Corrie is filmed.

However, a source told The Sun last year that “It’s up in the air as to whether she will ever return.”

She is said to want to focus on her children.

Meanwhile, Brooke Vincent, who plays Sophie, left in October 2019. The character went travelling, but in real life actress Brooke gave birth to her first child, Mexx.

She never returned after her maternity leave and gave birth to her second son, Monroe, in May 2021.

In an interview on Vicky Pattison’s podcast The Secret To… in March 2022, Brooke said she wasn’t able to commit to Corrie.

“The boys need me at the minute, and I haven’t got the commitment in me to say to Corrie, ‘Let me come back’.

“Corrie was very, very, and is very full-on when you’re busy and it makes me laugh because I know everyone has kids, but I’m like, ‘I’ve got kids so I can’t come at that time. I’ve got kids’.”

But the door isn’t closed on either character, so never say never!

Ken Barlow and Wendy Crozier in Coronation Street share a drink together
Ken’s old lover Wendy will make another return (Credit: ITV/Shutterstock)

Wendy Crozier

The former lover of Ken Barlow is making another sensational return to the cobbles.

Actress Roberta Kerr is making a comeback after last being seen in 2012.

She first appeared in Corrie in 1989 and began an affair with Ken after they started working together.

Deirdre took revenge after she found out and Ken shacked up with Wendy. However, he fell into a depression and left Wendy, later reuniting with Deirdre.

Wendy then returned in 2012 and met up with Ken again, pretending she just wanted to be friends.

She then got him drunk and let him sleep on her sofa, however told Deirdre they’d slept together. Ken banished her over the betrayal and told her they could never be friends.

However, Wendy will return as Abi Webster’s foster carer.

But will she comeback to the Street and cause more trouble for Ken?

Coronation Street Stephen Audrey and Gail smile for a family picture
Both of Audrey’s children will be looking after her (Credit: ITV/Shutterstock)

Stephen Reid

Audrey Roberts will welcome her son Stephen back to the soap. He was last seen on the cobbles in 2007.

And, according to sources, his arrival is part of a big new storyline that will put Audrey back at the centre of the Weatherfield action.

Original actor Todd Boyce will return to the role.

Stephen was the son that teen mum Audrey gave up as a baby.

They were reunited on-screen in 1996, after Stephen arrived in Weatherfied to get to know Audrey and her family better.

This time, his return comes amid Audrey’s family having concerns for her welfare, which have grown in recent months.

She has been frustrated with getting older, been diagnosed with cataracts and there have also been fears about her drinking.

According to Metro, Stephen is returning for a long-term storyline which will see him help support Audrey. In fact, he is the one who finds her after her horror accident leaves her needing medical treatment.

“Stephen’s return to Corrie comes amid frustrations that she is being viewed as an old woman by the family,” a source said.

“When Stephen comes back, she’ll find herself comforted by his support.

“It’s the start of a big story. The rest of the Platts will be suspicious over Stephen and what he wants.”

“What is he after and should Audrey be listening to the rest of the clan?”

Coronation Street Spider smiles as he stands outside the Rover and announces his return
Spider Nugent is coming back! (Credit: ITV)

Spider Nugent

It’s been 25 years since Emily Bishop’s eco-warrior nephew, Spider Nugent, lived on the cobbles.

But Martin Hancock is reprising his role for the first time since 2003.

The former on/off boyfriend of Toyah Battersby is coming back to the street in July. But why is he returning?

Spider was last seen moving to London with Toyah, however we know things didn’t work out. He then went to Peru, where Emily joined him when actress Eileen Derbyshire went off-screen.

Is he back for Toyah, whose marriage to Imran is set to explode when he leaves the cobbles?

Or has something else brought him back?

Of his return, Martin said: “Having the opportunity to walk back onto the cobbles is fabulous.

“I’m so excited to be seeing a lot of old friends and picking up what Spider has been up to.

“I’ve always wanted to come back at some point and it just felt like this is the right time. I’m eternally grateful to Iain for the opportunity.”

Meanwhile, show producer Iain Macleod, said: “Martin is a fabulous actor and Spider is a character with real heritage, and affection from fans.

“His return heralds an enthralling new story for Toyah, who will be embroiled in a mess of guilt and secrecy when Spider arrives. Will he be her saviour or the thing that ruins her life forever?”

Dylan Wilson

The soap has also confirmed another return for Dylan Wilson – the son of Sean Tully and Violet Wilson.

Liam McCheyne, who plays him, shared pictures to his Instagram of Corrie scripts.

He wrote: “Can’t wait to get back to work on the 17th super excited, been a long time coming

“Hopefully many memories and fun to come!”

Sean became a donor for Violet so she could have Dylan in 2007, but she left the street with the baby shortly after giving birth.

Dylan was last seen on-screen in 2020 when he struggled to bond with his dad as homophobic bullies teased him.

Who’s joining Coronation Street in 2022?

Emmerdale Zoe Lambert interrupts Robert and Aaron's wedding looking angry
Zoe has been in Emmerdale twice and now Corrie (Credit: ITV)

A new report suggests Zoe Lambert is joining Corrie this year.

The actress starred in Emmerdale as Rachel Whatmore between 2003 and 2005.

According to The Sun she will begin filming this week for scenes to air in June. Her stint is set to be just for a few episodes.

Zoe’s Emmerdale character Rachel was the Tate family solicitor who tried to help Chris Tate con wife Charity Dingle out of her money. He intended to frame her for his murder when he took his own life.

She then also had an affair with Chris’s sister Zoe, and became involved in a shock love triangle with her and Scott Windsor.

Zoe also reappeared in Emmerdale in 2018 as the woman who interrupted Robert and Aaron’s wedding to have Faith Dingle arrested.

Who’s leaving Coronation Street in 2022?

A burning car lurks behind Imran Habeeb (Credit: ITV)
Imran Habeeb died recently (Credit: ITV)

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Imran Habeeb

Charlie De Melo, who plays Imran Habeeb, has left the soap after being killed off.

His new wife Toyah is in the frame for his murder after she drove their car into a wall.

Speaking about his decision to leave, Charlie told Entertainment Daily: “It’s sort of a multitude of things.

“For reasons, nothing to do with the job at all, but my first couple of years working there were trying. I did find it difficult.

“So as I was heading towards the end of that second year option, I kind of made the decision to move on.”

Charlie went on to say that just after making this decision, the pandemic hit.

Charlie continued: “And then it got to the stage where I was really enjoying myself over there and constantly being challenged, constantly being put in front of some of the most talented people I’ve ever worked with.”

He added: “And I came to the realisation that I have no spouse, I have no car, or mortgage, or kids or any of the kind of things that would necessitate consistency and I thought if I don’t close my eyes and step off into the void now, then I never will.

“It was nothing to do with the job, if anything the job was keeping me rooted and I had such a wonderful time there, but it was just if not now, When? And if not now then possibly never.”

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**This article was last updated in June 2022 to reflect the ongoing cast changes in Coronation Street.