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OPINION: Coronation Street – Fiz, when did you get so pathetic? Sort it out!

The knicker stitcher needs to raise her standards

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On Coronation Street Fiz Stape has never been the sharpest knife in the drawer.

But she’s really blunted herself down this time and we don’t think we can keep our mouths shut anymore.

With Fiz off there's room on Coronation Street (Credit: ITV)
Fiz needs to remember what Tyrone did to her (Credit: ITV)

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Coronation Street: Fiz has the worst taste in men!

The knicker stitcher has never had the best taste in men – she was married to serial killer John Stape, after all.

Before he became a killer, he had an affair with teenage Rosie Webster, who was his pupil at the time.

He even first fell for Fiz when they were teenagers on holiday and he was 19, while she was much younger.

Fiz took him back after the Rosie incident, but then he started his killing spree. She spent time in prison because of him and is now raising his pyromaniac daughter, Hope.

She moved on with Tyrone Dobbs, gave him the best years of her life – and in return he knocked up an eyelash curler.

Last week, she was somehow considering taking Tyrone back. The man humiliated her with a woman half her age!

He hurt her deeply.

She was totally devastated and broken by the humiliation and pain he put her through. Not that anyone would know it from how she is now.

Fiz might forgive but she should never forget. Never!

Corrie Fiz is upset as Phill tries to talk to her
Fiz – don’t forgive him! (Credit: ITV)

Phill’s big secret

Meanwhile, new fella Phill seemed like Mr Perfect, but in fact is nothing of the like.

She discovered he was writing a book about her killer ex after Hope found all his research and learned the truth about her dad.

Fiz packed up, went back to Tyrone’s and vowed she was done with Phill.

But then he proposed and shock, horror: she said yes!

What on earth is she thinking?

He has betrayed her trust and tried to use her pain for his own gain!

Phill is not who he said he was – nor Mr Nice Guy.

And don’t even get us started on his mother, Mimi. Though at least he put her in her place.

Coronation Street Fiz Stape first appearance
Fiz first appeared in Coronation Street as a teen (Credit: ITV)

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Has Fiz always been this much of a walkover in Coronation Street?

Fiz definitely didn’t used to be like this.

When she first arrived a scrappy teenager in Roy and Hayley’s care, she had guts.

She even lied that Roy had been inappropriate with her.

She meddled in Maria and Ty’s relationship, took no nonsense from then-boyfriend Kirk and was even revealed as a school bully to Molly Compton.

The decision to soften Fiz into someone more maternal was a good one, we loved that she cared so hard for her brother Chesney after mum Cilla abandoned them. And it’s great she now has morals and compassion.

But she needs that spark back, some of that boisterous attitude she had as a teenager to kick these men – and her daughter – into touch.

Coronation Street Dec 27 Fiz wants to sell the house leaving Tyrone shocked
Be a strong, independent woman, Fiz (Credit: ITV)

Who should Fiz be with?

Be single!

Stay independent!

Be one of those strong women Coronation Street is so well known for.

It’s time for Fiz to find herself and ditch the pathetic reliance on men.

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