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Coronation Street fans thrilled to see Carla not wearing black!

It's a rare treat to see Carla in colour

Coronation Street fans were excited last night when they saw Carla Connor working behind the bar of the Rovers.

And it wasn’t just because viewers think that’s where she belongs – it was because she wasn’t wearing black!

Carla was instead sporting a brown jumper – with a black ribbon at the top, of course.

Carla looked good in tan in Coronation Street (Credit: ITV)

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It’s a very rare thing indeed to spot the queen of sombre in a colour, but fans loved it!

Carla Connor’s new look in Coronation Street

The new look really suited her (Credit: ITV)

They gushed how much they liked the sweater and how nice it was to see Carla in something other than black for a change.

Carla is currently running the Rovers with partner Peter Barlow, while owners Johnny and Jenny Connor are in France.

Is that Carla, NOT WEARING BLACK?!

Johnny had fled there after the arrival of old associate, Scott, who knows something about Johnny’s past.

Scott’s arrival has rattled Johnny, but we don’t know why (Credit: ITV)

Some fans even think Scott might be Carla’s real dad!

Whatever the secret is, it’s set to turn the Connors’ world upside down.

Carla Connor Coronation Street landlady

Carla ended up on the factory fire escape during her breakdown (Credit: ITV)

Carla seems to be enjoying her stint behind the bar of the Rovers after giving up running the factory.

The knicker-stitching empire had been Carla’s whole world until the roof collapsed in 2019 and killed Rana Habeeb.

Carla was blamed for the incident and ended up having a mental breakdown after the residents of the Street turned on her.

Since returning to the cobbles following her stint in hospital, Carla has taken it easy, but could being behind the bar stir a newfound passion in her?

Will we see her take over the Rovers Return?

Who really caused the roof collapse?

Corrie fans slam obvious twist Gary was behind factory collapse
Gary sabotaged the factory roof in Coronation Street, but Carla got the blame (Credit: ITV)

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Viewers know that Gary Windass was actually responsible for sabotaging the roof causing it to cave in.

But so far he has managed to get away with his crimes, even pinning it on dead loan shark Rick Neelan.

Gary ended up murdering Rick after they had a deadly showdown in the woods, but has so far covered his tracks.

But Gary’s interest in Rick’s daughter Kelly might just be about to get him caught out.

Adam Barlow is set to get suspicious next week as to why Gary is defending Kelly after she leaked Asha’s topless pictures.

With this possibly leading to the discovery of Rick’s body, and Gary’s true involvement in the factory roof collapse, could we see the old Carla back as she fights for justice?

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