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Coronation Street viewers ‘despise’ new girl Kelly as she sends naked video of Asha to peers

Kelly is the daughter of loan shark Rick Neelan

Coronation Street viewers have said they ‘despise’ new girl Kelly Neelan after she sent a naked video of friend Asha Alahan to their peers.

Last week, Rick Neelan’s daughter joined Weatherfield High and quickly befriended Asha.

However, she began stirring trouble between Asha and her best friend Amy. Kelly kept making comments about how obvious it is that Amy fancies Asha’s ex-boyfriend and crush, Corey.

In last night’s episode of Corrie (Wednesday, April 15), before Amy’s party kicked off, Asha admitted to Amy and Summer that she had stripped for Corey on a video call.

Asha stripped for Corey (Credit: ITV Hub)

However, Amy soon became distracted as the house filled with gatecrashers. As mean girl Pastal-Blue turned up, she immediately made Amy think Kelly invited all the unwanted guests.

In the hallway, as Corey looked at the video of Asha, Kelly went up the stairs behind him and saw what was on his phone.

Kelly saw the video on Corey’s phone (Credit: ITV Hub)

Later, things kicked off between Amy and Kelly after a party guest ran past, causing Corey to knock Tracy’s lamp over.

But as Kelly went to catch it, it still fell and smashed. Blaming Kelly, Amy had a go saying she was sick of her causing trouble.

As Asha failed to stand up for her new friend, Kelly decided to get revenge.

Kelly sent the video from Corey’s phone (Credit: ITV Hub)

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Noticing Corey had left his phone in the house to go get some air, she went onto it and sent Asha’s video to the party group chat.

But will Corey get the blame for Kelly’s actions?

What happens next?

Soon Asha returns to the party after stepping outside and realises people are staring at her.

Asha find out the video has gone viral (Credit: ITV)

But before she can figure out why, her dad Dev arrives and drags Asha, and an intoxicated Aadi, back home.

When she gets home, Asha checks her phone and realises what everyone has seen. Soon it hits her that the video is now viral.

 Next week’s spoilers

In next week’s episodes, things only get worse for poor Asha.

Dev, who is oblivious to what’s happened, sends Asha and Aadi to Mary’s youth volunteering group.

Asha’s friends try to comfort her (Credit: ITV)

But as they’re clearing up Victoria Gardens, Asha becomes aware of a group of lads staring at her.

It soon becomes clear the boys have seen the video. As Summer, Amy and Kelly try to comfort Asha, Aadi sees red and lashes out at one of the lads causing a fight to break out.

But Asha’s day goes from bad to worse when she is sent a link to her video on a porn site.

Aasi gets into a fight (Credit: ITV)

As a devastated Asha heads to the cafe, Corey finds her and apologises for recording her without consent.

Meanwhile, Amy and Kelly begin to fight over who is responsible for the video going viral.

Dev finds out

David Platt sees the video on Max’s phone and is horrified to see it’s his 14-year-old neighbour.

Immediately he tells Dev, who confronts her daughter. But when Asha opens up about what happened, Dev realises how much she’s hurting.

Dev goes to the police (Credit: ITV)

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Asha is adamant she doesn’t want to go to the police and Dev reluctantly agrees. But when Aadi reveals the video is now on a porn site, Dev goes straight to the police, leaving Asha furious.

Coronation Street’s scheduling pattern has changed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The soap now airs on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7.30pm.

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