Soap psychos Meena, Maya and Stella

6 most psychotic bunny boilers in soap: Is Emmerdale’s Meena the worst?

Is Meena really the worst one yet?

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We all love a good soap bunny boiler, but is Emmerdale’s Meena really the worst one?

What about the really, truly crazy ones? The ones who have totally lost the plot?

As Meena Jutla plays her final act, is she really the baddest of them all?

Or have others before her been even worse?

Here are our six most psychotic soap bunny boilers of all time.

Meena is definitely up there with the worst of them (Credit: ITV)

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1. Meena Jutla in Emmerdale

Meena has been on a murderous rampage for the best part of last year.

Before coming to the Dales she had offed her friend, Nadine.

Once she arrived in town, she first killed Leanna Cavanagh, and then went on to get rid of Andrea Tate and Ben Tucker.

All because she likes the thrill. And because they got on wrong side of her.

Victoria Sugden was also in her firing line because Vic tried to steal Meena’s man (and eventually succeeded).

And now Meena has her own sister, Manpreet, alongside Vinny Dingle in a barn and is planning to kill them.

As well as all the murdering, there’s the singing. She loves to rock out when she’s made a kill and it’s seriously creepy.

And then there’s the way she manipulates and lies to keep her men. Messing with David’s medication when he had been shot, moving herself into Billy’s house when Billy clearly wasn’t interested, need we go on?

She is going to take some beating in the soap bunny boiler stakes!

Coronation Street Dev watches Maya suspiciously as she plots
Maya was very definitely a soap bunny boiler (Credit: ITV/Shutterstock)

2. Soap bunny boilers: Maya Sharma in Coronation Street

Dev Alahan really knows how to pick ’em and Maya Sharma was no exception.

She seemed like a good fit for successful businessman Dev, who fell very hard, very quickly for her.

But the lawyer by day was actually unhinged behind the scenes.

She stole things, including Tyrone’s dog, Monica, which he later accused her of killing.

Maya also drove Dev extremely fast down a country lane, threatening not to stop unless he proposed to her.

When Dev left her for Sunita, Maya went loopy. She trashed his flat and shop.

She then married several illegal immigrants in Sunita’s name, causing her to be arrested for bigamy at her wedding to Dev.

The truth eventually came out and Maya was arrested. But she was released on bail and went on the rampage.

She set fire to all of Dev’s shops and kidnapped him and Sunita. She left them tied up in the flat with gas leaking while starting a fire in the shop below.

When they were rescued, Maya was fuming and tried to run them over, but she crashed into a wall. Then she reversed into a lorry!

Although she survived, Maya was last heard of awaiting trial for all her crimes.

EastEnders Stella Crawford with make-up all over her face at her wedding
Stella abused Phil Mitchell’s son (Credit: BBC)

3. Stella Crawford in EastEnders

Phil Mitchell‘s nearly wife was a mild-mannered solicitor who fell for the hardman.

She seemed like a odd pick for Phil and it soon became apparent he was interested in her more as a mother figure for his son, Ben, than much else.

Stella soon realised she would never be the love of Phil’s life and began abusing Ben to make sure she had Phil’s full attention.

Ben kept quiet, but eventually revealed her abuse on Phil and Stella’s wedding day.

Furious Phil chased Stella out of the building onto a rooftop, where she insisted she wasn’t a bully and just wanted to be loved.

She then threw herself off to her death, uttering the strange words: “Watch me, Daddy.”

Emma Barton was clearly mentally unwell (Credit: ITV)

4. Emma Barton in Emmerdale

Similar to Meena: she was a nurse who killed people, but Emma was unhinged and mentally unwell rather than truly psychotic.

The matriarch of the Barton clan had left her sons when they were very young. It was soon revealed she had tried to kill middle child, Ross Barton.

She came back into their lives as adults and rekindled her romance with their dad, James.

But his feelings for Moira Dingle, and the revelation he had fathered her son, Adam, did little to help Emma’s insecurity.

She ended up kidnapping James and holding him hostage in a Misery-style plot, before pushing him to his death over Hotten Viaduct.

The only person who saw her was Ashley Thomas, who was suffering from dementia. Emma manipulated his symptoms and made him believe he hadn’t really seen her at all.

She later threatened his son, Arthur, and eventually, when the walls started to close in she ended up shooting and killing her own son, Finn Barton.

The guilt and grief overcame her and she went to the viaduct to throw herself off. But she couldn’t bring herself to do it, so instead goaded a passing Moira into pushing her.

EastEnders Vanessa Gold Bubbly's in the fridge
“Bubbly’s in the fridge” (Credit: BBC)

5. Vanessa Gold in EastEnders

We need only say one thing: “Bubbly’s in the fridge.”

Poor, white-clothes loving Vanessa gave her heart and soul to Max Branning, but he repaid her by cheating with his ex-wife Tanya.

Vanessa discovered the truth when she found a note between the pair exclaiming the bubbly was in the fridge.

She smashed up Max’s house repeating the phrase over and over again, making one of the most iconic scenes in soap history.

Queen of the one-liners, Tracy’s history is pretty crazy (Credit: ITV)

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6. Soap bunny boilers: Tracy McDonald in Coronation Street

These days Tracy McDonald is the Queen of the Corrie one-liners taking over the crown from her grandmother, Blanche Hunt.

But let’s not forget one killer fact: she’s a murderer.

Tracy served time for the crime of killing boyfriend Charlie Stubbs, but got out after one of the expert witnesses was found to be corrupt.

She had carefully planned the whole murder, spending the weeks beforehand making Charlie out to be abusive to her.

It was all because she’d caught him cheating. After doing a sexy dance for him, she grabbed a statue and whacked him over the head.

As well as murder, Tracy also faked a miscarriage to set Steve’s former wife Becky up.

She tormented another of Steve’s wives, Karen, and also helped her murderer ex, Rob Donovan, go on the run when he escaped prison.

The florist also stole Liz McDonald’s man, Tony Stewart.

She’s stopped being a soap bunny boiler now she’s bagged her man, Steve, and has cemented her place in history as one of the most iconic Street characters.

Watch out, Tracy might be settled now, but boy, she sure does have a past.

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