Moira Dingle in Emmerdale: What happened to first husband John and who are all her exes?

Moira Dingle is back with Cain for now

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Moira Dingle has been in Emmerdale since 2009. And she’s seen plenty of drama.

But who is Moira and what’s her story?

Moira Dingle in Emmerdale: Who is she and who are her family?

Moira Dingle in Emmerdale was born Moira Woodall in 1971. She fled her abusive home, when her violent father found out her mother was having an affair.

Worried her father would take out his anger on her mother, Moira lied that she was the one having the affair instead and left home, leaving behind little brother Mackenzie Boyd.

Emmerdale SPOILER: Moira Barton dumps Cain Dingle as he confesses to murdering Joe Tate
Moira has seen her fair share of drama in Emmerdale (Credit: ITV)

Moira married John Barton in 1990 and had daughter Holly Barton a year later.

When Holly was a baby, Moira slept with John’s brother James and nine months later gave birth to son Adam. Hannah – now Matty Barton – arrived two years later.

In 2009 Moira Barton moved to Emmerdale with husband John and their three children Holly, Adam and Hannah

Who has Moira Dingle been involved with?

When Moira and John Barton’s marriage hit a rocky patch, Moira began an affair with Cain Dingle.

But she and John eventually put their troubles behind them and reconciled.

They decided to spend the night in a hotel to cement their rekindled romance, but John’s car hit black ice on the way to the hotel and plunged off the road. John died.

John and Moira had a rocky marriage (Credit: ITV)

Grieving Moira began a steamy affair with farmhand Alex Moss – who later became a victim of Emmerdale serial killer Cameron Murray.

When that romance ended, she got back together with Cain and despite some meddling from son Adam, she and Cain married in 2014.

When Moira and Cain divorced in 2016, Moira had a one-night-stand with nephew Pete Barton and when she gave birth to son Isaac, he thought he was the dad.

But Moira confessed she’d slept with Cain around the same time and he was the father of her baby.

Emmerdale Cain Moira
Moira and Cain are known as Coira to Emmerdale fans (Credit: ITV/Shutterstock)

She and Cain reconciled once more but their romance came unstuck again when Cain’s secret son Nate seduced Moira.

Moira and Nate got it on, but Nate was looking for revenge on his estranged dad (Credit: ITV)

Moira and Cain – known as Coira to fans – are together again now but for how long?

Moira and the murder of Emma Barton

James Barton – Moira’s former brother-in-law  – came to the village with his sons Ross, Pete and Finn Barton in 2013.

His estranged wife Emma Barton followed but it soon became clear that Emma was troubled.

She caused havoc in the village and things came to a head when she plummeted to her death from a viaduct in October 2017

A few months later, after a gripping whodunnit, viewers discovered that Moira Dingle was the one to push Emma. She wanted to confess but son Adam took the rap instead.

Moira Dingle: Children, heartbreak and tragedy

Moira’s children Holly, Adam, Matty and Isaac have given their mother some headaches over the years.

Holly Barton’s drug addiction saw Moira forced to buy heroin for her daughter.

And it produced one of the most heartbreaking episodes of Emmerdale of all time, when Moira found Holly dead one morning in September 2016.

Adam Barton’s bolshy behaviour gave Moira trouble but he settled down with Victoria Sugden and came to terms with his discovery that his father wasn’t the man he thought – John Barton – but was in fact his ‘uncle’ James Barton.

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Adam took the blame for Emma Barton’s murder and was forced to flee Emmerdale forever.

Moira’s relationship with Matty Barton was tricky when Matty first returned to the village but the pair are now as close as they were before.

Little Isaac Dingle had a dramatic start to life in October 2017. Moira went into labour after a dramatic confrontation with Emma Barton, when she was trapped in a burning barn at Butlers Farm. Emma helped Moira escape and delivered the baby.

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