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The Chase: Viewers gobsmacked as Mark Labbett makes all-time record low offer of minus £17k

Why bother?

Fans of The Chase have slammed quizzer Mark Labbett for putting an offer on the table that was so low it was practically ‘untakeable’.

Viewers accused The Beast of being “mean” in tonight’s (January 29 2020) episode when he set a new record for the all-time lowest low offer ever seen on the ITV quiz show.

Mark Labbett
Mark was on tonight’s episode (Credit: ITV)

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The previous low was, according to Mark, minus £15k – but he did contestant Jo one better (or worse) by offering a staggering minus £17k.

Jo managed to get seven right in the cash-builder round. When she turned to face Mark, he told her: “Well, the record low offer is minus £15k. I’m not going to be as mean as that…”

“Oh no,” Joe replied, as she seemed to see what was coming.

“I’m going to be meaner!” The Beast said, with a huge grin on his face. “Minus £17k!”

The Chase
Mark said minus £17k was the lowest low offer to date (Credit: ITV)

At that point, her teammate Mark was the last left, sitting on an impressive pot of £37k. He advised her to go for her £7k and not the high offer, which was £53k.

Presenter Bradley Walsh asked Jo: “Not tempted by the minus £17k?”

“Not at all,” she told the host.

Bradley Walsh on The Chase
Jo refused to take it (Credit: ITV)

Mark defended it and said he had to make the low offer “suitably unappealing”.

Joe might have regretted not taking the low offer in the end though, as The Beast managed to catch her.

Viewers, meanwhile, rushed to Twitter to slam the incredible low offer, with one asking “why bother” and another suggesting the social media site would have gone into “meltdown” if Jo had taken it.

One said: “[Bleeping] hell, that’s the first time I’ve seen the minus offer that high! Thank [bleep] she didn’t take that, Twitter would hunt her down #TheChase.”

Minus 17 was overkill.

Another wrote: “Why even bother having a minus option if your just gonna make it untakeable #TheChase.”

A third tweeted: “I’m just trying to imagine the reaction on Twitter if she’d taken the -£17,000!”

Someone else put: “If the minus offer was -£6k/-£7k I think she’d have gone for it but that -17 was overkill. #TheChase.”


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“-£17,000 what a joke! #TheChase,” said a fifth.

A sixth tweeted: “Phew, if she’d gone -17 it would have broken twitter #TheChase.”

[Bleep], that was a bit mean, beast,” said another, adding. “Minus £17k? Damn #TheChase.”


The Chase airs on ITV weekdays at 5pm

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