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Little Mix star Jade Thirwall admits embarrassing upset stomach incident on stage

The Little Mix star shared a horror story

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Pop star Jade Thirwall has fessed up to a rather embarrassing incident. The Little Mix star, 27, says she suffered an unpleasant accident during a live stage performance.

The singer shared her unfortunate story with drag queen Courtney Act during a special lockdown interview for MTV.

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Published on MTV, the pair chat via video links and answer one another’s burning questions, before eating dinner.

The series, called Served, has Jade cook off against a famous drag queen – and her mum Norma serves as the judge.

little mix star jade thirwall
Little Mix star Jade Thirwall recording from her glamorous home kitchen (Image credit: MTV International)

Despite the theme being Glamorama, Courtney and Jade’s chat quickly took a toilet humour turn.

“My worst ever stage experience…”

As they were joined via video chat by Spice Girl Mel C, talk turned to embarrassing on-stage moments.

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Jade confessed to having a dodgy tummy while on stage and wearing fishnet tights – with disastrous results.

She said: “My worst ever stage experience, for me, was on Little Mix’s Glory Days tour. I was a bit unwell at the time, I had, like, a poorly belly.

jade thirwall little mix pop star
Jade confessed all to Courtney Act and Mel C (Image credit: MTV International)

“And basically, before the show starts, we were in, you know the man-lifts? Where it rises up, and it’s like a big dramatic entrance?

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“As I was [sitting] in the man-lift, I looked at my security guard, and I was like. ‘I really need to do a little fart’.

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“So I did it. I did a little fart. And then I literally s**t myself.”

“Picture that”

A stunned Mel C said: “You can’t top that!”

Courtney quipped: ‘That’s why it pays to be tucked, Jade. If you’d been tucked, your bum h*le would have been taped over.”

Adding to the horror Jade continued: “I was in a fishnet. Picture that. I probably shouldn’t have mentioned that publicly, to be honest. But there you have it.”

The Little Mix singer seemed to regret sharing her intimate tale (Image credit: MTV International)

After her video chat with the Spice Girl ended she confessed that she couldn’t believe she told Mel such an intimate story.

“I’ve just told a Spice Girl I sh** myself”

Jade told the cameras: “I’ve just told a Spice Girl I sh** myself.”

Once their meals were ready, the pair slipped into glamorous gowns for their lockdown dinners.

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Courtney made tomato sauce with meatballs and Jade cooked sausage, turnip mash and Yorkshire puddings.

Mum Norma wasn’t that impressed with her daughter’s attempt at a toad in the hole.

She asked: “Why doesn’t it have gravy on?”

jade thirwall mum norma
Jade’s mum Norma wasn’t impressed with her daughter’s cooking efforts (Image credit: MTV International)

Jade said: “I didn’t have time to do the gravy. I was panicking.”

Norma was equally unimpressed that the Yorkshire pud was from a frozen bag.

But she was more amused with Courtney’s efforts – despite the meatballs being vegan.

She explained: “Even though I don’t eat vegetables at all, it actually looks quite enticing.”

Unsurprisingly, Courtney was the winner of the cook-off challenge.

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