Caroline Flack hit her sleeping boyfriend over the head with a lamp, court told

Model claimed she tried to kill him

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Caroline Flack hit her sleeping boyfriend Lewis Burton over the head with a lamp, it was claimed today.

In a 5am 999 call, Lewis said ‘she tried to kill me’, Highbury Magistrates’ Court heard.

Caroline, 40, and her partner Lewis were both allegedly covered in blood when police arrived at their flat in Islington, North London, on December 12 – with one officer describing the chaotic scene as ‘like a horror movie’.

Model Lewis, 28, was said to have been ‘almost begging the operator to send help’.
Caroline, meanwhile, was said to have two cuts to her wrist.

When taken into custody, the Love Island star allegedly flipped over a table and had to be restrained on the ground by police.

According to Mail Online, Caroline broke down into floods of tears after she entered the court lobby this morning.

She also cried again when she sat in the dock, as she pleaded not guilty to common assault.

Caroline looked glum as she arrived at court in north London (Credit: Splash)

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Prosecutor Ms Weiss told the court: “At 5.25am on the 12 December he (Lewis Burton) made an allegation against his girlfriend Caroline Flack.

“Police then made their way to the address. Police then knocked on the door eight minutes later and it was opened by both of them. Both were covered in blood.

“And in fact one of the police officers likened the scene to a horror movie. He (Burton) said he had been asleep and had been hit over the head by Caroline by a lamp. It cut his head and his face was covered in blood.

“He said that Caroline smashed a glass and caused injuries. She had two lacerations to her left wrist. She took his phone while he was sleeping. She had seen text messages which made her think he was cheating.

“In the 999 call the complainant said quite clearly that his girlfriend was beating him up. He asked repeatedly for help. He was almost begging the operator to send help.

“He said: ‘She is going mad, breaking stuff. I’ve just woken up. She’s cracked my head open.

“The defendant is calling him an [bleep]hole saying, ‘It’s all your fault, you’ve ruined my life’, calling him a [bleep]hole repeatedly.’ He said, ‘you’ve cracked my head open’. He told the operator, ‘she tried to kill me mate’.”

Lewis is standing by his girlfriend (Credit: Splash)

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Caroline’s solicitor Mr Morris told the court that she and Lewis are still a couple, and that he does not view himself as a victim, but a witness.

Lewis was present at court, having already pledged his support for her following the incident earlier this month.

Mr Morris made an application to have a bail condition banning her from talking to her boyfriend lifted.
He said: “They had been in a relationship all of this year and he appears in court today to support her and they remain a couple.

“She wants to spend time with her partner. If the conditions were lifted there would be no concerns. It’s not an irrelevant point, it’s Christmas, it’s New Year, she’s suffered enough.”

Ms Weiss told the court that Caroline was disruptive while in police custody. She said: “Her behaviour gets worse, she flips over a table and then has to be restrained on the ground.”

The prosecutor added that Caroline had ‘flouted’ her bail condition not to have any direct or indirect contact with Mr Burton.

“She breached this almost immediately by posting a message on Instagram by writing to my boyfriend I love you,” Ms Weiss said.

The judge gave Caroline’s legal team until January 20 next year to provide further evidence to the court.

Earlier, it was revealed that Caroline and Lewis had unfollowed each other on Instagram, with her also posting an emotional message yesterday.

She wrote: “This is the worst time of my life. I don’t know where to go to. Where to look. Who to trust. Or who I even am.”

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