McDonald’s gets the go ahead to reopen all UK drive-thrus as soon as possible

Joyous news for Big Mac fans

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Burger chain McDonald’s has been given the go ahead to reopen all of its UK drive-thru restaurants.

The fast-food chain is due to open 15 restaurants for McDelivery and drive-thru tomorrow (May 13).

However, the fact that the restaurants are all down south prompted some to declare that the chain “hates Northerners”.

Now, however, the government says McDonald’s is free to open them all.

McDonald’s drive-thrus can now reopen (Credit: Cover Images)

Environment secretary George Eustice said there’s nothing legally stopping McDonald’s from allowing customers to head into store to collect their own food.

So it sounds as if takeaway could also be available soon.

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He said: “While clearly restaurants and pubs had to close, we were quite keen to keep that capacity to be able to do takeaway food for people.”

Social distancing

Eustice added: “I think it is quite possible for these venues to reopen and reopen safely. We never mandated that they should close.”

It’s quite possible for these venues to reopen and reopen safely.

He said lessons had been learnt about social distancing and fast-food outlets could now consider reopening.

“We have learned a lot from supermarkets and other food outlets about how you can do social distancing and do it well,” he said.

McDonald’s is reopening 15 drive-thrus tomorrow (Credit: Splash News)

He added: “I think some of those food-to-go businesses will probably be seeking to learn lessons from what supermarkets have done as they consider tentatively reopening.”

McDonald’s has revealed it’ll open a further 40 drive-thrus next Wednesday (May 20), with all 900 open by early June.

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However, burger boss Paul Pomroy said the chain is adapting to what he called the “new normal”.

“We want to get this right”

Last week, he said: “Rest assured, we are working hard to reopen more restaurants, but I am adamant this must be at the right pace with the wellbeing of our employees, suppliers and customers front of mind.”

He added: “We have deliberately taken our time, we want to get this right.”

“Not gonna lie, all I want right now is 20 nuggets and a large Coke,” said one McDonald’s fan.

McDonald's Big Mac
Big Mac fans are thrilled at the news (Credit: McDonald’s)

“God I miss McDonald’s,” said another.

“I just want a McDonald’s,” said another who added: “I’m getting really upset!”

However, not everyone was happy at the potential reopening.

One said: “So people with obesity are at a higher risk of developing complications if they catch the disease, yet McDonald’s drive-thrus are possibly reopening soon. The logic is overwhelming.”

Last week, KFC reopened 55 of its drive-thru restaurants with people queuing for hours to get their fried chicken fix.

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