The Pembrokeshire Murders ITV Luke Evans and Steve Wilkins

The Pembrokeshire Murders: ITV viewers spot real-life Steve Wilkins as he makes cameo

Luke Evans played him in the three-part drama

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ITV drama The Pembrokeshire Murders concluded last night and eagle-eyed viewers spotted the real-life Steve Wilkins in the final episode.

The former copper made a cameo as the three-part programme, detailing police efforts to bring killer John Cooper to justice, came to an end on Wednesday (January 13) evening.

Luke Evans played DS Steve Wilkins in the true-crime drama (Credit: ITV)

Where did Steve Wilkins appear in The Pembrokeshire Murders?

During the courtroom scenes, a number of those watching at home noticed that the real-life counterpart of Luke Evans‘ character, DS Steve Wilkins, was present.

They spotted him among those in the viewing gallery, when the camera briefly flashed over his face as he watched John Cooper (Keith Allen) sent down for two double murders and his attack on the teenagers.

Steve Wilkins in Pembrokeshire murders on ITV
The real Steve Wilkins in The Pembrokeshire Murders on ITV (Credit: ITV)

One viewer said: “@TheRealLukevans was it me or was the real Steve Wilkins in the public gallery during the last episode? Great watch! Excellent acting!”

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A second tweeted: “The real-life Steve Wilkins was sat in the gallery at the trial. What a lovely thing for the guy who caught him.”

A third wrote: “#ThePembrokeshireMurders could this be Steve Wilkins? Nice touch if it is.”

Warning! Spoilers ahead for episode three.

What happened at the end of the true-crime drama?

In dramatic scenes, John Cooper bellowed to the court as the jury convicted him and officers led him away.

Later, while Steve and the rest of the Operation Ottawa team packed up their HQ, the copper’s son came to check the place out.

The real-life Steve Wilkins was sat in the gallery at the trial. What a lovely thing.

He told his dad he had put aside plans to go to Sixth Form or pursue a football career – and was instead considering joining the police.

The beginning of the episode revealed that Cooper’s wife Pat (Caroline Berry) died from natural causes shortly after he got out of prison.

Actor Oliver Ryan as Pat and John Cooper’s son, Andrew (Credit: ITV)

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Their estranged son, Andrew, appeared filled with regret in the closing scene as he visited his mum’s grave and told her he should have stayed.

In an earlier episode, Pat called him round to her house but he stormed out after realising she only invited him because Cooper, then still in prison, had questions about a potential piece of evidence.

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