Jenny Ryan on The Chase

The Chase: Viewers certain Jenny Ryan is toying with contestants in tense finale

They think she was adding "tension value"

Fans of The Chase were left wondering if quizzer Jenny Ryan was “playing” with the contestants at the end of last night’s episode.

During Thursday (July 9) evening’s repeat, three contestants remained for the finale chase and a chance and taking home their £13,000 prize pot.

The Chase
On The Chase, three contestants tried for £13,000 against Jenny Ryan (Credit: ITV)

What did Jenny Ryan do on The Chase?

They set up a score of 14 for Jenny to beat. When The Vixen took her turn, some of those watching at home thought she seemed to be deliberately taking longer to answer.

A number of people on Twitter said they thought Jenny was doing it in the spirit of entertaining the viewers – making an otherwise easy final chase much more tense and enjoyable to watch.

Jenny Ryan, on The Chase
Some thought Jenny appeared to be “playing” with the contestant to make the final chase more tense (Credit: ITV)

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One said: “#TheChase Jenny playing with them.”

Another wrote: “Jenny deliberately making long pauses to make an easy 14 more tense #TheChase.”

A third put: “Jenny’s trying to stretch it out for the tension value… #thechase.”

In the end, she caught them with 12 seconds remaining.

Jenny might be the youngest of the show’s five chasers, at 38, but she’s a more than competent quizzer and makes for a formidable opponent on the show.

But that didn’t stop one contestant in a previous episode from claiming the Vixen would be easier than the other chasers to beat.

And quizzer Mark Labbett, who was on that episode, was absolutely fuming – calling out the contestant for her ‘insulting’ comment.

Mark The Beast Labbett on The Chase


Host Bradley Walsh asked Lucy, a 28-year-old charity worker from Leeds, who she would like to face.

She was the first of her team to step up, and so had no idea which of the chasers she would be taking on.

She told Bradders: “I’d love to take on The Vixen. She’s not too much older than me… I think her knowledge isn’t quite as good. I reckon I could have a good chance of winning.”

When Mark marched onto the set, he couldn’t let Lucy’s comment about The Vixen slide.

Bradley Walsh

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Fuming, he told her: “Do you want to know how good The Vixen is? She’s way better than you! And I’m going to whup you for that comment!”

He added, as he put the high offer on the table: “If you think you’re good enough to be a chaser, £20k says we’re way better than you.”

Don’t mess with the chasers

Lucy went for the middle offer instead, so Mark told her: “Pathetic! I’ve just got a note from back stage. Two words: destroy her!”

“We’ll see,” Lucy replied.

Sure enough, Mark stayed true to his word and caught her.

Afterwards, he growled: “Don’t mess with the chasers, eh?” Bradley reflected gravely, after Lucy walked off the set. “You insult one of us, you insult us all,” The Beast said simply.

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