Will there be another series of The A Word and how does season 3 end?

Will there be another series of The A Word and how does season 3 end?

A fair few questions still need answering

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The A Word series 3 came to an emotional end last night (June 9).

Fans endured an agonising three-year wait between the second and third seasons.

But will they be kept waiting just as long for The A Word series 4?

Here’s everything you need to know.

Alison in The A Word Will there be another series of The A Word and how does season 3 end?
Fans are desperate to know if there will be another series of The A Word (Credit: BBC)

Has The A Word series 4 been commissioned?

The BBC  is yet to confirm The A Word series 4.

However, telly bosses often wait to analyse viewing figures before deciding whether to recommission a programme.

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Christopher Eccleston, who plays Maurice, has made no secret of the fact that he’s on board for series 4.

He told the Radio Times: “I really hope that we do a fourth and a fifth and a sixth.

“I think there’s an appetite for it, clearly, with the audience, and if you look on Twitter.

“As with everything in television it depends on ratings and decisions at an executive level.”

Does Rebecca's baby have autism in The A Word?
Rebecca goes into early labour in the series 3 finale (Credit: BBC)

How does The A Word season 3 end?

The final instalment of The A Word series 3 was packed with drama.

It kicked off with Rebecca (Molly Wright) travelling down to Manchester to pay a visit to Joe’s (Max Vento) school.

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She made the journey after her little brother asked her to talk to his classmates about her pregnancy.

After worrying that her unborn may be born with autism, spending time at Joe’s school eased her anxieties.

Both Paul and Alison face disappointing news (Credit: BBC)

But as the siblings travelled back home to the Lakes, she was forced to pull over after going into labour early.

Making matters worse, her phone was out of battery and Joe became frightened when she started screaming in pain.

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Luckily, Joe turned the hero by walking down the road and finding another couple, who got Rebecca the help she needed.

At the very end, everyone posed for a big family photo when Molly revealed the baby was named Rosie Sandra, after her grandmother.

The song I Still Do, by I Am Kloot, then played over a montage of the characters going about their lives – and the credits rolled after Max was shown strolling off with his headphones on.

What did viewers think of it?

Viewers were in tears, with one tweeting: “This ending to series three was something very special! Couldn’t take my eyes off the screen. I just wanted to congratulate every single member of the cast and crew. Big love for #TheAWord.”

Another wrote: “Aww heck #TheAWord hit every nerve ending possible, all the emotions! Rarely has such a group of actors been so believable and made me care so much about the ups and downs of their family life.”

Crying so much at the ending.

A third said: “Just cried that #theaword has ended. Such a lovely ending. Class soundtrack (as always) too.”

Someone else tweeted: “Don’t think I’ve watched such a beautiful and moving ending! #theAword.”

A fifth put, with a sad face emoji: “Crying so much at the ending of #TheAWord. Such a beautiful series.”



Fans desperate for a fourth series

Viewers are now begging the BBC for another series. One tweeted: “@theaworduk
Watched since the very beginning and always an emotional wreck at the end of each episode! There has to be a fourth series. #theAword.”

“Dear #TheAWord, a fourth series might be good,” said another. “Just saying. A glimmer of loveliness to look forward to. Please.”

“@theaworduk, fantastic series three ended on a high tonight,” someone else wrote. “I love this drama, all the actors are so authentic and believable plus the script is mind blowing. I really hope there is a series four. #TheAWord.”

Elsewhere in the final episode, Ben (David Gyasi) asked Alison (Morven Christie) to join him for lunch to talk about their relationship.

Unfortunately for Alison, it was bad news.

Back at the Lakes, Sarah (Gemma Paige North) also had disappointing news for Paul (Lee Ingleby).

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Of course not everyone’s love life is so grim.

After tying the knot last week, Katie ( Sarah Gordy) and Ralph (Leon Harrop) moved in together – leaving Louise (Pooky Quesnel) struggling with empty-nest syndrome.

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