Steven Bartlett Dragons' Den

OPINION: Steven Bartlett is the BEST thing to happen to Dragons’ Den in years – here’s why

He's the youngest Dragon in the history of the BBC One show

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Steven Bartlett joined Dragons’ Den in early 2022, but he doesn’t feel like a newbie anymore – in fact, we think he OWNS the show.

After just a few episodes, the entrepreneur is, in our opinion, the BEST thing to happen to Dragons’ Den in years!

He’s exactly what the long-running show needed.

And here’s why…

Steven Bartlett Dragons' Den
New Dragon Steven is very popular with fans (Credit: BBC)

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How Steven Bartlett has improved Dragons’ Den 100%

Steven has improved a show we didn’t even think needed improving.

Don’t get us wrong, we liked Tej Lalvani.

Viewers will know that Tej announced he was leaving the show after four years to focus on his business Vitabiotics.

Entrepreneur Steven Bartlett replaced him.

At 29, he’s the youngest Dragon to ever join the series – and the first black Dragon.

His youth and background is definitely part of the appeal.

He’s aware of current trends, on top of what works in the modern market, and up to speed with social media – something that has landed him in trouble with his fellow Dragons.

Steven has clashed with his co-stars because they think he is obsessed with Instagram and social media.

But we are living in a social media world, and he’s riding the wave.

Dragons’ Den needed this injection of something fresh and new after 17 years on our screens.

He’s so different to the rest of the investors, he adds something valuable.

Not to mention his marketing background, again something different to his colleagues.

Steven is feisty!

The marketing guru always offers valuable feedback to the wannabe entrepreneurs.

And sometimes he can be brutally honest.

He reminds us of a young Peter Jones, only way cooler.

But he’s never unnecessarily cutting, it’s more of a cruel-to-be-kind vibe.

And he doesn’t take any nonsense from the other Dragons either.

He’s clashed with Sara Davies, and most recently Touker Suleyman (in episode six).

Steven won’t back down if he feels he’s being patronised by the older Dragons.

Let’s not forget, he founded a multi-million business in his early 20s.

So he has EVERY right to be there.

Steven Bartlett
Steven Bartlett is smashing it as the latest addition to Dragons’ Den (Credit: BBC One)

He’s worked hard to get where he is

Steven Barlett wasn’t born with a silver spoon in his mouth.

Far from it.

He’s a self-confessed school dropout, who once stole food from corner shops and foraged for loose change to keep his hunger at bay.

Yet he went on to start his own company from his bedroom and was a millionaire by age 23.

Steven Bartlett was born in Botswana to a Nigerian mum and a British dad.

The family (he is the youngest of four siblings) eventually moved to Plymouth, Devon, where they “struggled financially in a nice, white, middle-class area” – something he expands upon in his bestselling book, Happy Sexy Millionaire.

The experience of not having “the nice things other people had” drove him from an insecure boy to a chancer.

His first proper registered business at 18 years old – a marketing agency called Social Chain – is now valued at £450m.

Now he hopes young people from less privileged backgrounds like his, especially minorities, will feel empowered.

Just a quick glance at his official social media accounts shows that he’s always trying to inspire others and inject them with confidence.

In fact we’d go so far as to call him Mr Motivator Mark 2.

Fans love Steven Bartlett on Dragons’ Den

It’s not just us who loves the new Dragon.

Fans do too.

After his first appearance, one viewer tweeted: “Ohhh Steven is coming with a ‘fair’ vibe.

“This is a new vibe and I’m deffo digging it #DragonsDen.”

Another said: “Really enjoying @SteveBartlettSC on #DragonsDen.

“He’s a breath of fresh air. Very direct questioning without being rude or patronising. Great job.”

A third added: “As expected, @SteveBartlettSC is brilliant on #DragonsDen.

“Sharp mind, strong judgment, pure box office.”

We couldn’t agree more!

See Steven Bartlett on Dragons’ Den every Thursday at 8pm on BBC One.

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