Chris Eubank on Piers Morgan's Life Stories got emotional

Piers Morgan’s Life Stories: Chris Eubank episode leaves viewers in tears

Michael Watson's appearance opened the floodgates

Piers Morgan’s Life Stories viewers were in tears during the Chris Eubank episode last night (February 18) after his fierce boxing rival Michael Watson made an emotional appearance on the show.

The two squared off in 1991, but Michael ended up in hospital with a severe and life-changing brain injury.

Michael’s appearance on the show reduced Chris to tears, but it wasn’t just the boxer who got emotional – it was the viewers at home, too.

Chris Eubank on Piers Morgan's Life Stories got emotional
Chris teared up during the show (Credit: ITV)

What happened to Chris Eubank on Piers Morgan’s Life Stories?

Piers showed Chris a video montage containing some of the highs and lows of his illustrious career.

Always a showman – and a sporting character many fight fans often loved to hate – it showed him win world championships against the likes of Nigel Benn.

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It also showed the moment that defined his career – his two fights with fellow Londoner Michael Watson.

Chris Eubank on Piers Morgan's Life Stories got emotional
Chris in his heyday (Credit: ITV)

What happened when Chris fought Michael?

In years prior to 1991, Chris caused a stir in the boxing world when he referred to the sport as “dangerous” and a “mug’s game”, and “there’s no guarantee that you’re going to get up and walk away”.

In June of that year, he fought fierce rival Michael Watson and beat him.

However, in a rematch three months later, Michael put Chris on the canvas and looked to be in control.

But Chris dusted himself down and floored Michael with an uppercut that knocked him out.

The blow put Michael in a critical condition and he had to have emergency brain surgery.

Although he recovered, he incurred life-changing brain injuries which left him unable to walk or talk.

Thankfully, in 2003, Michael had recovered to the extent he could walk the London Marathon.

Viewers got emotional when Michael Watson forgave Chris Eubank on Piers Morgan's Life Stories
Michael forgave Chris (Credit: ITV)

What did Michael say about Chris Eubank on Piers Morgan’s Life Stories?

In the video montage, Michael said to camera: “No animosity. I forgave him, and that’s sincere. Chris has been forgiven.”

When Piers asked Chris about Michael, he broke down and said he was sorry for the incident, and that it was the one thing he regretted in his career.

I love you Chris, let’s move on in life. It’s all in the past.

The camera then turned to Michael, who was sat in the audience.

He movingly told his former rival: “It’s okay bruv, let’s move on in life.

“I love you Chris, let’s move on in life. It’s all in the past.”

How did viewers react?

It didn’t take long for viewers to share Chris’s emotion and admiration for Michael.

One viewer wrote on Twitter: “@ChrisEubank and Michael Watson just made me cry #eubank #LifeStories.”

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Another said: “This is a tough watch #watson is a wonderful man, the forgiveness he’s shown is breathtaking.”

Finally, a third commented: “Michael Watson is such a warrior and a gentleman in his own right and that was powerful stuff from both men.”

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