Phillip Schofield and Kevin Clifton on The Million Pound Cube

The Million Pound Cube: Phillip Schofield distracts viewers during Kevin Clifton and Stacey Dooley’s episode

The couple won £25k for charity in the end

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The Million Pound Cube concluded last night with a celebrity special that saw Kevin Clifton and Stacey Dooley join Phillip Schofield in the studio.

The couple were on to win big money for charity, and they did well until they got to the £10k round.

Former Strictly Come Dancing pro Kevin had to balance a ball on a flat disk, step over a rope and carry the ball to a magnet suspended above his head.

The couple were on last night’s episode of The Million Pound Cube (Credit: ITV)

What happened in Kevin and Stacey’s episode of The Million Pound Cube?

In what some viewers called “stressful” scenes, Kevin failed to reach the magnet several times and it looked as though they might be in trouble.

They used their Simplify option but, to Kevin’s dismay, it only removed the rope – rather than doing anything to help him get the ball to touch the magnet.

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At one point, Kevin’s sister Joanne Clifton, who was on the show to support him, suggested that he practice raising the ball high before actually starting the challenge.

Phil, agreeing, held out his arm and moved his fist up and down to demonstrate – and the obviously innocent gesture distracted some viewers at home who thought it looked a bit masturbatory.

Phillip Schofield The Cube
Phillip Schofield had ITV viewers distracted as he advised Kevin on what to do (Credit: ITV)

What did ITV viewers say about Phillip Schofield?

One joked: “Phil showing us how it done tonight on The Cube…”

Another quipped: “Decent action there from Phil #TheCube.”

She looks a bit shocked at that tactic.

Someone else joked that Joanne looked “shocked”.

They tweeted, alongside an emoji of a monkey covering its eyes: “She looks a bit shocked at that tactic #itv #thecube #millionpoundcube.”

Kevin Clifton and Stacey Dooley won £25k for charity (Credit: ITV)

The Cube’s most stressful episode to date?

Some watching at home called it the most stressful episode ever.

One wrote: “#TheCube is so stressful, I hate it. Why am I still looking?”

Another said: “The single most stressful thing I have ever watched in my life #TheCube.”

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A third put: “Most tense episode of #TheCube EVER! @Schofe @keviclifton @StaceyDooley – amazing!”

“Well done @keviclifton @StaceyDooley #TheCube,” said another. “Fantastic work but so tense to watch. Such a lovely couple. Loved it.”

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