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The Million Pound Cube: Dad Adam calls daughter Rachel ‘greedy’

Adam and Rhys' game continued last night

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The Million Pound Cube viewers were shocked last night when a competitive dad on the ITV game show branded his daughter “greedy”.

During Friday (October 23) evening’s episode of The Cube, father-son duo Adam and Rhys’ game continued.

Dad Adam’s run on The Million Pound Cube with his son, Rhys, continued last night (Credit: ITV)

What happened on The Million Pound Cube?

Adam was playing the round alone, attempting to get to £100k by flipping a load of cylinders.

He had five lives and a Simplify option remaining, but failed the first attempt of the episode.

He was playing for £100k on the ITV game show, which Phillip Schofield hosts (Credit: ITV)

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In the previous episode, Adam explained that the prize money would be split between his son, Rhys, and daughter Rachel, who was watching from the sidelines with her mum.

Yesterday, Rhys encouraged him not to use his Simplify after his failed attempt, as did Rachel.

He tried again but lost another life, and the situation looked more desperate.

At one point on The Million Pound Cube, Adam told his daughter she was getting “greedy” (Credit: ITV)

What did dad Adam say to his daughter Rachel?

Again they advised him not to use the Simplify, but when Rachel spoke, Adam told her she was getting “greedy”.

His daughter said: “If you just take one more life…”

£50k each is a life-changing experience for you two, forget the £250k. £100k, there’s your car, £20k for a house deposit.

Adam said: “No, listen. You’re getting greedy. We always said £50k each is a life-changing experience for you two, forget the £250k. £100k, there’s your car, £20k for a house deposit.”

“Yeah, simplify,” she conceded.

Rhys agreed too, so they went for it and the timer grew by an extra two seconds. It was enough for Adam to secure the win.

They planned to split the winnings between siblings Rhys and Rachel (Credit: ITV)

How did The Cube fans react?

Reacting on Twitter, one viewer said, alongside a awkward-shocked GIF: “The whole of the UK when Adam shouted ‘you’re being greedy’ #TheCube.”

Another said: “The dad telling off the kids for being too greedy #TheCube.”

A third tweeted: “#thecube still I wouldn’t want to be on national TV being called ‘greedy’ by my dad… not for any money.”

A fourth said: “‘You’re being greedy now!’ Dad has spoken! #TheCube.”

Someone else wrote: “The fact the daughter was saying ‘don’t simplify’ as she was greedy for more money when he CLEARLY needed the simplify to win #thecube.”

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A sixth on Twitter wrote: “I’d be made up with £50 from my dad never mind £50k! Greedy, ungrateful [bleeps]! #thecube.”

“Thought the dad in the #millionpoundcube was a bit pushy,” said another, adding: “But hey he just (and his son) won £100k for his son and daughter. Well done mate #thecube.”

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