The Million Pound Cube Phillip Schofield and contestant Adam

Million Pound Cube: Viewers praise Phillip Schofield for putting ‘cocky’ contestant Adam ‘in his place’

Father-and-son duo Adam and Rhys were on last night's episode

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The Million Pound Cube viewers praised Phillip Schofield yesterday after he clapped back at a ‘cocky’ contestant on the ITV game show.

During Thursday (October 22) evening’s episode, father-and-son duo Adam and Rhys ploughed through the challenges.

The Million Pound Cube featured Adam and his son Rhys (Credit: ITV)

What happened with Adam and Rhys on The Million Pound Cube?

The pair, from Stevenage in Hertfordshire, had no trouble getting through the first few rounds.

Dad Adam displayed cool confidence as he insisted he take on each of the solo challenges himself, instead of his son Rhys.

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Towards the end of the episode, playing for £25k, the pair took on Dual Extraction, in which they each had to remove a line of tabs from their slots and press a button within the time limit.

At that point they still had nine lives remaining and their Simplify option, but it proved to be their first real stumbling block.

Adam, it’s you that could be letting the side down just slightly.

They lost their first life and Adam reflected: “We knew this was a tough game.”

Rhys said: “It’s a lot of slats in the time… to be honest, I thought I was going fairly fast, to be fair.”

Rhys and his dad hit their first stumbling block on the £25k challenge (Credit: ITV)

His sister, watching from the sidelines, advised them to decide beforehand who would press the final button.

But Adam argued: “Well I was actually ahead of Rhys, so… and I did the button press, so I should definitely stay with the button.”

Some watching The Million Pound Cube thought Adam was too cocky (Credit: ITV)

What did Phillip Schofield say to the contestants?

Phil then cut in: “Yeah but you left one in! Don’t overthink it, just go faster.”

They had a second attempt but failed again – and Phil took the opportunity to point out that it was Adam “letting the side down”, not Rhys.

The This Morning presenter said: “That’s another life. Adam, it’s you that could be letting the side down just slightly. The third tab from the end has tripped you up each time.”

ITV viewers praised Phil for putting Adam ‘in his place’ (Credit: ITV)

How did The Million Pound Cube viewers react?

Reacting on Twitter, one viewer said: “I’m so glad Phil told the dad it was him letting them down on that game. He looked flabbergasted #theCUBE.”

Another joked: “Phil, ‘Adam, it looks like you’re the weak link’. Adam, ‘Really, me, moi, no never, impossible, you having a laff, come on man’.”

A third branded Adam “cocky”.

Someone else said: “Hahaha Phil is putting the dad back in his box.”

“#theCUBE good old Phil putting the dad in his place,” said a fifth, adding: “‘You’re letting him down’ haha.”

“Oooh get in there Phil,” a sixth tweeted. “Pointing out a weakness, no wonder the daughter is saying it’s stressful.”

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“Ha ha Phil blaming the dad!” another on Twitter wrote.

“Phil telling the dad he is [bleep],” one viewer said with a laughing face emoji.

Luckily, after Phil’s comments the pair decided to give it one more go before using up their Simplify – and they did it.

Adam and Rhys’ run continues in tonight’s episode of The Million Pound Cube at 9pm on ITV

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