I'm A Celebrity star Adam Woodyatt talking about Naughty Boy

I’m A Celebrity star Adam Woodyatt divides viewers after ‘bitter’ comment about Naughty Boy

Did we spot some tension?

I’m A Celebrity star Adam Woodyatt has come under fire by viewers over a comment he made about Naughty Boy.

The EastEnders star – who is best known for playing Ian Beale on the soap – made the remark about the music producer during last night’s show (December 5).

The moment happened shortly before Naughty Boy and Matty Lee took on the trial.

I'm A Celebrity star Adam Woodyatt talking about Naughty Boy
I’m A Celebrity star Adam Woodyatt divided fans over a comment about Naughty Boy (Credit: ITV)

I’m A Celebrity star Adam Woodyatt

In the Castle Telegraph, Adam admitted that he had high hopes for Matty during the challenge.

However, he wasn’t as convinced by Naughty Boy.

The music star, who has previously won stars for camp, took part in his seventh trial yesterday.

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Before the pair left camp, Adam remarked: “Sporty Boy is going to go down there and smash it with Naughty Boy.

“Sporty Boy is going to be alright, I’m not sure how Naughty Boy is going to manage.”

Naughty Boy and Matty went on to win a total of six stars for camp.

I'm A Celebrity star Adam Woodyatt talking about Naughty Boy made the comment shortly before Naughty's trial
Naughty Boy and Matty Lee took on the trial (Credit: ITV)

It isn’t the first time that Adam has made a dig at his fellow campmate.

During a recent trial involving David Ginola, the actor chose to throw keys at Naughty Boy rather than pass them over.

The music producer had a difficult time finding the keys, with the group only winning four stars.

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Following the challenge, Naughty Boy said: “That made it a bit difficult… I had to look for them in the mess. I tried my best.”

However, Adam pointedly noted how he could see the stars, suggesting Naughty Boy could have too.

I’m A Celebrity viewers were quick to comment on Adam’s remark last night.

How did I’m A Celebrity viewers respond?

Taking to Twitter, one said: “Adam sounding very bitter implying Naughty Boy won’t do well in the trials. Clearly he’s forgotten all the trials NB has smashed where he’s brought back so many stars so that camp could eat well?”

Another added: “What is Adam talking about. As if Naughty Boy hasn’t smashed the majority of his trials & brought so many meals into camp. One trial he doesn’t get lots & suddenly it’s all I don’t know what he’s gonna do.”

A third moaned: “Adam… Naughty Boy is on his 7th trial so calm your cockles he had one crap trial with low and behold you as well.”

Adam’s being snide and smug

A fourth complained: “Ffs Naughty Boy must be well [bleep] with his 7th trail. Matty’s boring, Danny’s boring and cries all the time. Adam is a back stabbing idiot so sooner they go the better #ImACeleb.”

In addition, a fifth shared: “Is Adam for real? Didn’t Naughty Boy get stars 11 stars 3 times and 10 stars 4 times. You literally ate because of him. #ImACeleb.”

Another posted: “I always thought Adam Woodyatt was a crap actor, a slime ball and an all round low life. And wouldn’t you just know I’m A Celeb was going to show everyone. Well done I’m A Celeb. Perhaps now he will be voted off.”

One viewer agreed: “What the hell was that @AdamWoodyatt? @NaughtyBoyMusic has brought home 10/11 stars in his challenges so far – except the one he did last night with Adam! So don’t know why Adam’s being snide and smug.”

Another tweeted: “Marty, Danny, Adam and Frankie are a load of backstabbing quilts. Childish jealousy of the attention Naughty boy getting. Pathetic #ImACeleb.”

However, one commented: “Adam is so savage about Naughty Boy but I’m here for it #ImACeleb.”

A second wrote: “Adam is so savage about Naughty Boy! It’s brill #ImACeleb #NaughtyBoy.”

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