I'm A Celebrity: Adam Woodyatt reaction to Naughty Boy's trial performance divides viewers

I’m A Celebrity: Adam Woodyatt reaction to Naughty Boy’s trial performance divides viewers

Fans reckon they saw a flash of Ian Beale in the moment

I’m A Celebrity viewers reckon Adam Woodyatt was very taken aback by Naughty Boy‘s attempt to slyly finger him.

The pair, along with David Ginola, worked together for the Cells of Hell Bushtucker Trial. Their efforts aired on Saturday (December 4) night’s episode of I’m A Celebrity.

However, the three stars didn’t fare all that well – with some viewers believing Adam’s frustration with Naughty Boy was clear.

But while some felt Adam’s reaction was valid and understandable, others felt he should’ve shown more solidarity with his reality TV comrade.

Adam Woodyatt gives David Ginola a look as Naughty Boy makes his excuses
Adam Woodyatt gives David Ginola a look as Naughty Boy makes his excuses (Credit: ITV)

What happened on I’m A Celebrity with Adam Woodyatt and Naughty Boy?

The three celebs, locked in a separate cell, were tasked with retrieving meal stars from lockers in a third cell.

However, they could only do so by finding keys in the other two cells and passing them on.

Naughty Boy was stationed in the final cell, with David and Adam in the first and second respectively.

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However, as they tried to unlock locks, rotten fruit and offal was flung over them.

Not only did this cover them in unpleasant goo, it also caused their grip on the locks to fail.

Ant and Dec didn't seem blown away, either
Ant and Dec didn’t seem blown away, either (Credit: I’ITV)

Adam and David crack the Cell task

Nonetheless, David and Adam both found success – but Naughty Boy struggled.

Indeed, Adam dropped some keys onto the floor in Naughty Boy’s cell, but it didn’t seem to help him speed up.

It’s kind of pointless.

Adam, clearly frustrated, suggested he should give Naughty Boy even more of a hand by going into his cell.

And he urged David to halt his own efforts by saying about their partner: “It’s kind of pointless, he’s got six keys on the floor.”

How Naughty Boy reacted to Adam Woodyatt on I’m A Celebrity

However, as the three celebs reflected on their efforts with Ant and Dec, Naughty Boy blamed Adam for slowing him down.

He said of the keys being dropped on the floor: “That made it a bit difficult. I had to look for them in the mess.”

Naughty Boy insisted: “I tried my best.”

Adam, who did a couple of double-takes with David, looked flabbergasted by Naughty Boy passing the buck.

He also seemed to hold himself back from letting rip as the EastEnders actor’s eyes widened.

However, Adam pointedly noted how he could see the stars, suggesting Naughty Boy could have too.

David went on to console Naughty Boy: “Out of five games you can have a bad one.”

How viewers reacted

Although many viewers joked they could see a little of Ian Beale in Adam’s reaction, others felt Adam shouldn’t have indicated he felt Naughty Boy let them down.

“Naughty Boy throws Adam under the bus (unfairly) then says what he always says: ‘I tried my best,'” commented one unimpressed Twitter user.

Another joked: “Adam unleashing his inner Ian Beale #ImACeleb.”

And a third person backed Adam: “Naughty Boy blaming Adam for his failure… Typical!”

However, someone else claimed: “Adam was making quite sure the others knew it was Naughty Boy who’d let them down.”

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“Why do people love Adam? He was really rude to Naughty Boy and looking to isolate him by getting David on side,” remarked another.

And another person indicated Adam should’ve been the bigger person.

They wrote: “Adam’s got years on Naughty, should show him how to be a man. He lacked all grace.”

I’m A Celebrity continues tonight, Sunday December 5, on ITV at 9pm.

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