Good Morning Britain technical fault cuts guests off

Fans felt it was deliberate as the guest didn't agree with Piers Morgan

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Good Morning Britain fans accused the programme of cutting off guests on purpose because they weren’t giving the answer the hosts wanted today.

Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid were interviewing a number of people on Good Morning Britain about the proposed reopening of schools to some age groups on June 1.

Good Morning Britain had a technical fault cutting guests off (Credit: ITV)

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Among those on the group call was Dr Mike Tildesley, who has two young children and is also an expert in infectious diseases.

As Dr Tildesley began talking about how children aren’t badly affected by coronavirus, and was about to lead on to whether he will be sending his twins back to school when the feed went blank.

All the guests bar former MP Alan Johnson were blacked out and Dr Tildesley was unable to finish what he was saying.

Dr Tildesley was cut off mid-sentence (Credit: ITV)

“What a shame,” Susanna lamented as a result of the technical fault.

But fans weren’t impressed and accused Good Morning Britain of cutting off the link because Dr Tildesley ‘wasn’t giving the answer they wanted’.

What did fans of Good Morning Britain say?

How did the Good Morning Britain interview end?

Alan Johnson continued the interview alone and insisted children’s education is as important as feeding people throughout this pandemic.

Alan Johnson continued the group interview on Good Morning Britain alone (Credit: ITV)

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By the end of the segment, they were subsequently able to go back to Dr Tildesley, who was asked whether as an expert he’ll be sending his children back to school.

“Based on the evidence in terms of risk to my children, I would be cautiously happy,” he responded.

He insisted he would be talking to his wife and to the school about their measures, and would subsequently make a decision based on what they felt comfortable with.

Piers conceded that sounded like a very sensible approach to take.

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