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GMB viewers demand Ben Shephard becomes permanent presenter after ‘awful’ co-hosts

It appears some fans aren't missing Richard Madeley...

GMB viewers have demanded for Ben Shephard to permanently present the show.

The 46-year-old star returned to the ITV programme today (July 19) alongside co-host Susanna Reid.

It comes after Ben was forced to take time off after undergoing major surgery on his leg.

GMB viewers were delighted as Ben Shephard returned to the show (Credit: ITV)

What did Ben Shephard say?

Opening up GMB today, Susanna said: “Hello stranger! Welcome back! You look slightly uncomfortable – I’m just going to get the mini cam.”

The presenter then zoomed in on Ben’s leg, which was lifted on a chair.

Ben responded: “I just thought, I’ve been off for a few weeks, I’m going to start bringing in the changes!

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“I feel like I should be able to do the show with my feet up!”

He added: “Thanks for all your lovely messages, it’s lovely to think you all care.

“If it’s at all possible, could you send some of that love to my wife? Because she’s the one who’s really struggling.”

GMB Ben Shephard
Ben recently underwent surgery on his leg (Credit: ITV)

Susanna then joked: “I know let’s think of the real victim here.”

Ben replied: “This is the first time in about three weeks I’ve had trousers on, shoes and socks as well.”

But it appears GMB viewers were delighted by his return.

How did GMB viewers react?

Fans flocked to Twitter to comment on the show, with one saying: “@GMB fantastic to see Ben back this morning.”

Another wrote: “Lovely to see Ben back. Love him and Susanna together. Respect for each other and good questions of guests.”

A third added: “Ben & Susanna back on GMB together, truly truly brilliant. It’s made my Monday.”

In addition, a fourth said: “Oh I can watch again!”

Meanwhile, others slammed the show’s recent co-hosts including Alastair Campbell, Martin Lewis and Richard Madeley.

One complained: “Thank god he is back, those other male presenters were bloody awful! Welcome back Ben.”

So refreshing to see Ben back!

Another said: “So refreshing to see Ben back! After Richard Madeley, Alastair Campbell and Martin Lewis can we now look forward to this being a regular partnership with Susanna?”

A third agreed: “Lovely to have you back Ben Shephard, glad you are feeling better. I like Richard Madeley but he’s trying to be Piers.”

A fourth added: “Thank goodness @benshephard welcome back… a few weeks of Madeley I had reached my #tippingpoint.”

Richard Madeley previously hosted GMB alongside Susanna Reid (Credit: ITV)

Why was Ben off?

Ben recently updated fans after undergoing surgery on his leg.

The Tipping Point star needed the operation after injuring himself during a football match.

He managed to rupture his ACL, tear his meniscus and fracture his leg.

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Ahead of his GMB return, Ben said yesterday: “It’s agony at times, as anyone who’s been through this will know. But a necessary evil. We’re taking it slowly. But we’re getting there, I think.

“I’m back at work on Monday, so I’ll be joining Susanna behind the desk and as long as I’ve got my leg up… I should be ok.

“Hopefully you’ll join us. But really, thank you for all of those amazing messages.”

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