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First Dates on C4: Which couples are still dating?

Remember the fireworks between dancers Muhala and Frankie?

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First Dates returns on Wednesday (December 2 2020) with a special compilation episode entitled Fireworks – so which First Dates couples are still dating?

In this one-off episode, C4 reacquaints us with some of the more successful couplings on the show.

Or perhaps it depends on what you mean by successful!

Muhala and Frankie First Dates
Muhala and Frankie had an undeniable sexual chemistry on First Dates (Credit: C4)

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The episode looks back at some full-on first encounters where sparks really did fly.

Remember 21-year-old dancer Frankie who was set up on a date with fellow dancer Muhala?

Which First Dates couples are still dating?

First Dates: Fireworks remembers Muhala and Frankie, dancers who clearly couldn’t wait to tear each other’s clothes off.

First Dates maître d’hôtel Fred Sirieix described them as two magnets.

But did Frankie and Muhala see each other again?

Muhala said “this is more than just seeing her once and never seeing her again”, while Frankie warned she “would make him wait”.

They DID agree to see each other again, but we can confirm they did not stay together. He currently lives in Dubai!

Also featuring in the episode is weightlifter Lucy’s date with Caroline, which resulted in a shirt being ripped in front of the packed restaurant!

Although they sealed their date with a kiss, it wasn’t meant to be…

So who IS still together?

Hema and Ajai

Hema and Ajai married after meeting on the show – now that’s a success story!

Despite Hema telling Ajai she didn’t like his moustache, he described her as “bright, beautiful and engaging”.

Ultimately, the pair gave each other a chance and ended up falling in love.

They wed in 2018 after two years together.

Hema and Ajai First Dates
Hema and Ajai found love on First Dates (Credit: C4)

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Shaun and Greig

Shaun and Greig got engaged after meeting on First Dates.

The couple announced their engagement in 2017, writing on Twitter: “I have some absolutely fantastic news for you all, sorry if I haven’t managed to speak to you over the weekend in person.

“Last week I asked Mr Greig Fairweather to marry me. And he said yes! Beyond thrilled, happy and excited. Haven’t stopped smiling.”

Elan and Cindy

Elan Cohen and Cindy Thompson were on “cloud nine” after getting engaged last year.

They were thrilled to find each other on the C4 show and were perfectly matched.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, they have had to postpone their wedding day.

They hope to wed in 2021.

Adam and Dan First Dates
Adam and Dan got engaged after being matched on First Dates (Credit: C4)

Adam and Dan

Painter and decorator Adam hit it off with Dan when they were matched on First Dates in 2014.

After the cameras turned off, the pair went for a drink straight after – and the rest is history!

They moved in together the same year and Dan proposed on Christmas Day.

They are currently saving up for a wedding in South Africa.

Will and Fran

Will and Fran returned to the First Dates restaurant 10 months after they met on the show.

She admitted she was very much in love.

In a heartwarming story, Will proposed in November 2019 and Fran accepted.

They are currently plotting their dream wedding.

Ibiba and Aarron First Dates
Ibiba and Aarron have a First Dates baby! (Credit: C4)

Ibiba and Aarron

Ibiba and Aarron have the C4 show to thank for their baby daughter.

After meeting on First Dates, they got together, and started a family.

The pair met on the show in 2016 and welcomed their daughter Aziza in April 2017.


Doreen and James

Older couple Doreen and James met on First Dates in 2017 and were fond of each other straight away.

Widower James was mourning his wife, while Doreen’s husband had left her for a younger woman.

We’re happy to tell you the couple are still very much together and making each other happy.

Lauren and Dan First Dates
Which First Dates couples are still dating? Lauren and Dan are! (Credit: C4)

Lauren and Dan

These two are engaged and have two children together!

First Dates fans will remember Lauren from season two due to her disastrous date with Faliraki DJ Terry Turbo.

She went on to meet Dan, and the pair had a son together in 2016.

They welcomed their second child this year, a little girl.

First Dates: Fireworks airs on Wednesday 02 December on C4 at 10.30pm.

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