First Dates Elaine and Steve

First Dates: Steve and Elaine spark debate over who should pay

The Channel 4 show took a look back at their awkward date

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First Dates contestants Steve and Elaine sparked a debate on social media over whether or not men and women should split the bill.

Wednesday (November 18) evening’s episode took a look back at some memorable dates that didn’t end well and featured the two hopefuls.

First Dates took viewers back to Steve and Elaine’s date (Credit: Channel 4)

When were Elaine and Steve on First Dates, and what happened?

The duo were on the show in 2017 and, while they seemed to hit it off, their date hit the rocks when the time came to pay.

When Steve saw the bill, he said, “I ain’t got that” and as Elaine seemed confused, he asked the waitress to give them a moment.

He asked if they could “go Dutch” on the bill and though Elaine complied, she shook her head, looking annoyed.

On First Dates, Steve annoyed Elaine by asking her to pay for half of the bill (Credit: Channel 4)

Making it worse, Steve asked her for another £10 after she put her money down.

She said on the Channel 4 programme: “I’m shocked, I’m still trying to get over it.”

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After the date, as they sat together, Steve said: “I’m about equal opportunities, aren’t I darling?”

Steve wanted Elaine to “go Dutch” on the bill (Credit: Channel 4)

While they laughed about it afterwards, Elaine told him she wouldn’t be interested in a second date and Steve felt the same way.

It sparked a debate on social media, with a number of those watching saying people should always split the bill.

The episode sparked a debate among First Dates viewers on social media (Credit: Channel 4)

What did First Dates viewers say about paying the bill?

One joked: “#FirstDates, men should start taking offence when women don’t pay the whole bill.”

I don’t see why the man has to be expected to pay the bill First Dates.

Another wrote, disbelievingly: “It’s 2020 and some women still expect men to pay for the bill on a date. #FirstDates.”

A third put: “I don’t see why the man has to be expected to pay the bill #FirstDates. She doesn’t even know what his financial status is! I think Elaine was rude!”

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However, others thought Steve was being “tight” or said they thought the man should always pay, at least for the first date.

“Call me old fashioned but the guy should always pay on the first date #FirstDates,” said one.

“Tight git,” a second tweeted, adding: “I would pay half though. #FirstDates.”

“A gentleman always gets the first bill…” someone else said.

It follows last week’s episode, which saw viewers praise one contestant for giving her date a ‘going over’ after he brutally dumped.

Awkwardly, Emma had already been in a relationship with Peter prior to First Dates – and explained how he had ditched her by texting her the word ‘dumped’.

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