Coronation Street QUIZ: These characters have all done time – can you remember the crime?

There are 13 current characters who've been banged up

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Coronation Street characters often find themselves banged up – whether they’ve commited the crime or not!

With Yasmeen Metcalfe the latest person to find herself in police custody, she’s set to be charged and next week appears in court.

Yasmeen is the lastest Coronation Street character to face court (Credit: ITV)

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But how many other current Coronation Street residents have been inside?

Can you remember what these questionable suspects did time for?

Take our quiz and find out how much you remember!

1. Tracy McDonald (neé Barlow) served time between 2007 and 2010 before being let out on a technicality, but what crime got her sent down in the first place?

Coronation Street Tracy Barlow/McDonald ITV/Youtube
Tracy wasn’t happy when she received her sentence (Credit: ITV/YouTube)

A) Hit cheating boyfriend Charlie Stubbs over the head with a statue and killed him

B) Tampered with Michelle’s car brakes causing a fatal crash

C) Conned Roy and Hayley out of money after pretending Amy was Roy’s baby

D) Pushed Ken down the stairs

2. Mechanic Kevin Webster served 28 days inside in 2007, but for what?

What was Kevin’s crime? (Credit: ITV)

A) Violently apprehended a burglar who turned out to be Sophie’s girlfriend, Maddie

B) Burned down the garage for the insurance money

C) Assaulted John Stape after finding out he’d had an affair with Kev’s daughter Rosie

D) Killed Molly Dobbs to stop her telling everyone about their affair

3. Newly appointed councillor Sally Metcalfe, found herself in prison over Christmas 2018, but why?

Coronation Street fans spot MASSIVE blunder as Sally Metcalfe is sentenced to four years in prison
Why did Sally go down? (Credit: ITV)

A) Attacked husband Tim after he snogged her sister Gina

B) Falsely imprisoned after being framed for fraud by con man Duncan Radfield

C) Killed Duncan’s wife in a hit and run

D) Conducted a hate campaign against Gina

4. Gail Rodwell has never been lucky in love, but she was even unluckier in life in 2010 when she found herself behind bars and in a cell with Tracy! What was Gail accused of?

Gail couldn’t cope in prison (Credit: ITV/Shutterstock)

A) Bigamy after she got confused over how many times she’d been married

B) Pushing devil child David Platt down the stairs

C) Killing fourth husband Joe McIntyre when actually he’d drowned trying to fake his own death

D) Assualting Eileen after a very public fight on the cobbles

5. Gail’s son David Platt has been in prison more than once, but last found himself banged up last year. Why was he serving time then?

What was David inside for last year (Credit: ITV)

A) Attacking Tracy McDonald after she rejected him following their night together

B) Pushing mum Gail down the stairs

C) Stabbing his rapist Josh Tucker

D) Stealing money off grandmother Audrey

6. You’d never have thought meek Maria Connor would end up behind bars, but that’s where she spent Christmas 2016. Why?

Maria struggled in prison (Credit: ITV/YouTube)

A) Attacking love rival Eva Price with her hairdressing scissors

B) Arranging a sham marriage to get her friend Pablo into the country

C) Conned boss Audrey Roberts out of £80K to open her own salon

D) Killed her stalker Kaz Crossley

7. Rogue Peter Barlow has been in trouble many times, but why did he go to prison in 2014?

Peter behind bars (Credit: ITV)

A) Accused of killing lover Tina McIntyre by pushing her off the builder’s yard balcony and finshing her off with an iron bar

B) Bigamy after being married to two women at the same time

C) Sabotaging the factory roof

D) Setting fire to his boat in an insurance scam

8. Steve McDonald has also served time, but what was his crime?

Simon Gregson
Oh Steve, what did you do? (Credit: ITV)

A) Beating up drug dealer Jez Quigley leading to his death

B) Caused a car crash while driving without a licence

C) Pushing dad Jim McDonald off some scaffolding resulting in him being temporarily paralysed

D) Handling stolen goods and perverting the course of justice when he bought stolen whiskey

9. Gary Windass might be the soap’s resident killer escaping justice right now, but he has been inside before – for what?

Gary Windass
What did Gary do? (Credit: ITV)

A) Assaulting a police officer while in the grips of PTSD

B) Sabotaging the factory roof

C) Killing Pat Phelan with a plank of wood after he insulted Gary’s mum, Anna

D) Robbing Audrey Roberts’ house after being set up by David Platt

10. Izzy Armstrong might not seem like an ex-con, but she’s done time. Why was she imprisoned in 2016?

Izzy’s imprisonment hit her hard (Credit: ITV/YouTube)

A) Stealing baby Jake after surrogate Tina wanted to keep him

B) Beating Gary Windass up after discovering his night with Alya Nazir

C) Drug possession and assaulting a police officer after taking marijuana to deal with chronic pain

D) Staging a protest at the factory

11. Tyrone Dobbs was in prison in 2013 awaiting trial. Although he was found innocent in court, what was he in the dock for in the first place?

Tyrone was innocent (Credit: ITV/YouTube)

A) Burning down the garage in an insurance scam

B) Assault and GBH after partner Kirsty Soames accused him of domestic abuse

C) Tampering with the breaks of Kevin’s car after finding out about Kevin and Molly’s affair

D) Stalking ex Maria Connor and sending threatening messages

12. Abi Franklin has a history with the police, but what was she most recently inside for in 2018?

Abi was in prison with a familiar face (Credit: ITV)

A) Took the blame after son Seb smashed up Tracy McDonald’s florists

B) Sabotaged drug dealer Roman Truman’s car leading to a fatal accident

C) Pushed Seb off a ladder while he was window cleaning

D) Dealing drugs

13. David Platt’s former cellmate Paul Foreman came to the Street after he was released from prison to see his sister Gemma Winter. What crime had Paul committed?

David was Paul’s cellmate before coming to Coronation Street (Credit: ITV)

A) Beating up his rapist Kel Hinchley

B) Sabotaged stock at the factory where he was given a job

C) Took the blame for Gemma after she caused the death of an old woman she’d burgled

D) Stealing money from local Eileen Grimshaw

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Answers: 1) A, 2) C, 3)B, 4) C, 5) D, 6) B, 7) A, 8) D, 9) D, 10) C, 11) B, 12) A, 13) C

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