Coronation Street's Yasmeen and Geoff

Coronation Street fans in uproar as soap reveals Yasmeen is arrested after attacking Geoff

Yasmeen will finally fight back against her abuser this week

Coronation Street fans have been left fuming after the soap revealed Yasmeen Nazir will be arrested for fighting back against abusive husband, Geoff Metcalfe.

Yasmeen has been suffering for months and in a special episode of Coronation Street on Friday, May 1, she will finally lash out at her husband after his latest behaviour leaves her feeling helpless.

With Geoff wielding a knife and backing her into a corner, Yasmeen grabs a bottle and hits him, slicing his neck with the broken glass.

Coronation Street Yasmeen kills Geoff?
Yasmeen is horrified at her own actions in Coronation Street (Credit: ITV)

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Geoff has been starving Yasmeen, she’s not thinking straight, and she’s afraid.

Self defence

But it seem this isn’t enough to convince the police she was acting in self-defence and she’s charged.

Pictures on the official Coronation Street site confirm that the week beginning Monday, May 4, sees Yasmeen arrive at the police station to find Imran waiting to defend her.

Coronation Street Yasmeen Credit: ITV
Yasmeen reports herself to the police after attacking Geoff (Credit: ITV)

The abused wife is “bewildered” during her initial interview with the police and is charged.

Snaps of Alya arriving at the station go on to reveal she is desperate to help her gran.

Alya begs the police to believe Geoff has been controlling Yasmeen for months. But will her testimony be enough to save Yasmeen from prison?

Alya knows exactly what Geoff is like and wants to rescue her (Credit: ITV)

Fans unhappy with the outcome

The soap posted the image of Yasmeen at the police station to their Facebook page and fans commenting were furious with the direction the storyline is taking.

One said: “Not a great idea to have the real victim in this relationship shown to come off worse whilst UK in lockdown. Real victims could be watching this and lose hope and strength.”

A second agreed: “Do NOT end it like this! This discredits all survivors and victims of emotional abuse and will only cause more fear in regards to reporting the abuser.”

“What Yasmeen did was in self defence for all the emotional abuse Geoff caused so I hope all charges will be dropped because if they are not then all abused women have no chance,” said a third.

A further angry user said: “I’m disgusted to be honest. No wonder victims of abuse don’t come forward.”

Coronation Street Yasmeen kills Geoff?
Geoff is in a bad way (Credit: ITV)

And someone else added: “Why do they always make the victim the guilty one?

“Why couldn’t they show her getting the help from the amazing support groups and seeing him get the proper punishment, so anyone going through this can see a positive outcome. If they are going to highlight it try and give these poor women hope.

“After everything she has been through over the last year, why did the scriptwriters have the story go in that direction? Horrible decision.”

Coronation Street knows what they are doing

However, there are people who have faith Corrie will make it all right in the end.

They insisted the show know what they are doing.

“I think you’re all jumping the gun, if you’ll pardon the pun… They’ll drag this out for weeks maybe even months. There’s lots of time to slowly get to the truth and drip feed the evidence,” assured one.

Of course Coronation Street knows what they are doing (Credit: ITV)

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Another agreed: “If anyone actually believes for one minute that Corrie won’t get this right and give the right outcome in the script then they don’t know the show at all.

“Look at the Bethany story or even Aidan’s. Sorry, but the abuse Yasmeen has been getting is widespread and people are blind to it.

“You don’t write the scripts or storylines so stop assuming you know what is going to happen. The scriptwriters won’t get this wrong – like they didn’t get the others wrong.”

After Friday’s episode (April 24) which saw Geoff sickeningly force Yasmeen to have sex with him, tonight Yasmeen will discover she has chlamydia.

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