Coronation Street villains: Can you remember how these baddies died? Take our quiz and find out!

Coronation Street monsters from Pat Phelan to Alan Bradley

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Coronation Street has had its fair share of nasty baddies who have met their maker, from Pat Phelan to Alan Bradley.

Currently Geoff Metcalfe is the most hated man on Coronation Street, but he’s still alive and kicking – for now.

Geoff currently takes some beating in a list of Coronation Street villains (Credit: ITV)

So who came before him and had us shouting at our television screens? And can you remember how they died?

Take our quiz and find out.

1. Between 1986 and 1989, Coronation Street domestic abuser Alan Bradley persecuted wife Rita, but how did he die?

Alan Bradley Credit: YouTube/ITV
Alan Bradley was the epitomy of evil (Credit: ITV/YouTube)

a) Stabbed by an inmate while on remand in prison

b) Crushed by a lift in the Arndale Centre

c) Run over by a tram in Blackpool

d) Drowned himself in the Lake District

2. Serial killer Pat Phelan, whose five-year reign of terror on the Street came to an end in 2018, ‘died’ twice. But what finally finished him off?

Pat Phelan was one evil man (Credit: ITV)

a) Pushed off a cliff by wife Eileen Grimshaw

b) Shot by Michelle Connor on her wedding day

c) Stabbed by Anna Windass in the kitchen of the Bistro

d) Strangled by his own hostage Andy Carver

3. Gail Rodwell’s third husband, Richard Hillman, wasn’t the perfect man after all when he began conning and killing her neighbours. In 2003 he died – but how?

Norman Bates with a briefcase (Credit: ITV/YouTube)

a) Emily Bishop finished him off with a crowbar

b) Gail smashed his briefcase over his head

c) Pushed off a bannister by business partner Duggie Ferguson

d) Drowned after driving into the canal in a derranged suicide pact

4. John Stape might have seemed like a mild-mannered teacher, but he also added kidnapper and killer to his CV. He meet his maker in 2011, but what killed him?

Mild-mannered teacher-turned-serial-killer John Stape (Credit: ITV/YouTube)

a) Suffered a fatal heart attack in hospital

b) Crashed his car after a chase with Kevin Webster

c) Died in a fire started by his daughter, Hope

d) Was a victim of the tram crash

5. Jealous Tony Gordon wanted Carla Connor all to himself so had her lover Liam Connor killed. The murder led to a downward spiral for Tony who eventually died in 2010 – but do you know how?

Tony Gordon turned out not to be the factory saviour (Credit: ITV/YouTube)

a) Carla shot him

b) Killed in an explosion after setting fire to the factory

c) Hayley Cropper suffocated him with her red mac

d) Thrown into the canal by Roy Cropper

6. Drug dealer Callum Logan was always a wrong’un and he died in 2015, but his body wasn’t found for a year – what happened to Callum?

Callum Logan Corrie Credit: YouTube/ITV
Callum Logan was bad through and through (Credit: ITV/YouTube)

a) Overdosed on his own drugs

b) Hit over the head with a wrench by Kylie Platt

c) Beaten to death by Tony Stewart

d) Run over by Tyrone Dobbs

7. Coercive controller Charlie Stubbs met his maker in 2007, but who finally took their revenge?

Charlie Stubbs wasn’t a nice man (Credit: Shutterstock/ITV)

a) Tracy Barlow hit him over the head with an ornament

b) Shelley Unwin fought back with a broken bottle after years of abuse

c) Lover Maria Connor lashed out with her hairdressing scissors

d) David Platt beat him to death for Tracy, who he had a crush on

8. Firman’s Freezers supervisor Anne Malone didn’t take it well when Curly Watts rejected her and set out to destroy his life, but her plan backfired when she died – how?

Anne Malone coronation Street
Anne was crazy in love (Credit: Shutterstock/ITV)

a) Accidentally ate poisoned fish fingers

b) Curly pushed her in front of a car after finding out her plot

c) Froze to death after being locked in the Firman’s deep freezer

d) Killed in a struggle with the Firman’s security guard, Trevor

9. Loan shark Rick Neelan had few friends on the cobbles, least of all in-debt Gary Windass. He died last year, but what finished him off?

Rick Neelan’s Coronation Street return was unwelcome (Credit: ITV)

a) Pushed into the canal by Rita Tanner after he kidnapped her

b) Offed by his ex-wife Laura, who has now returned to cover her tracks

c) Shot by former client Derek Milligan in the Christmas seige

d) Killed by Gary in a dramatic showdown in the woods

10. Businessman Mike Baldwin wasn’t the killer type, but he was a dodgy wheeler dealer and womaniser. We last saw him in 2006, but how did he die?

Mike Baldwin Coronation Street
Mike Baldwin wasn’t a killer at least (Credit: Shutterstock/ITV)

a) Killed by Ken Barlow in a fight over Deirdre

b) Died in Ken’s arms after having a heart attack

c) Murdered by vengeful ex-wife Linda Sykes

d) Perished in a fire at his beloved factory

11. Jez Quigley was a gangster and drug dealer who murdered Tony Horrocks and terrorised Steve McDonald. He met his maker in 2000, but what eventually killed him?

Jez Quigley Coronation Street
Drug dealer Jez was no good (Credit: Shutterstock/ITV)

a) Died from a ruptured spleen after a revenge attack by Jim McDonald

b) Overdosed on cocaine

c) Run over by Steve McDonald in his taxi

d) Locked in a cellar and left to die

12. Conman Lewis Archer had gone straight when he returned to win back Audrey Roberts’ heart. But their love wasn’t to be when he died on New Year’s Day 2019 – but how?

Lewis Archer Corrie
Had Lewis really gone straight? (Credit: ITV)

a) Gail offed him after he stole £40K off her

b) Fell overboard on a cruise with Audrey

c) Killed by the ghost of Richard Hillman when psychic Rosemary brought him back

d) Suspected heart attack with an engagement ring in his hand

13. Yet another bad boy drug dealer, Ronan Truman appeared between 2017 and 2018 and terrorised Michelle Connor and her sons Ryan and Ali. How did he die in the end?

Ronan was not a man to be messed with (Credit: ITV)

a) Ryan failed to call an ambulance after Ronan overdosed

b) Ali removed a pole in his chest after a car crash knowing it would kill him

c) Michelle hit him over the head with a frying pan to save her son

d) Heart attack after a car chase with the Connors.

14. Don Brennan was a taxi driver whose life went a bit wrong and he turned kidnapper. He died in 1997. What sent him to meet his maker?

Don Brennan Credit: YouTube/ITV
Where did it all go wrong for Don Brennan? (Credit: YouTube/ITV)

a) A car explosion after trying to run over Mike Baldwin

b) Took his own life after Julie Dewhurst broke off their affair

c) Crashed his car into the Weatherfield canal and drowned

d) Killed by Mike Baldwin after Don kidnapped Alma

15. Serial sex pest Frank Foster terrorised Carla Connor after raping her in 2011, but who finally finished him off in 2012?

Rapist Frank Foster was murdered in Coronation Street (Credit: ITV)

a) Pushed down the stairs by Carla after he tried to rape her again

b) Hit over the head by Sally Metcalfe after he threatened her

c) Fell down the stairs after his mother hit him over the head with a bottle

d) Beaten to death by Peter Barlow in defence of Carla

Answers:  1) C, 2) C, 3) D, 4) A, 5) B, 6) B, 7) A, 8) C, 9) D, 10) B, 11) A, 12) D, 12) B, 14) A, 15) C

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