Marlon arrested Emmerdale

Emmerdale fans point out string of ‘mistakes’ in Graham’s murder case as Marlon’s charged

But he's innocent!

Marlon Dingle has been charged with Graham Foster’s murder – and Emmerdale fans are furious about it.

Not only do we all know that Marlon is innocent of the crime, but viewers have slammed the incompetence of the police in finding the REAL culprit.

Marlon threatened Graham just before he was murdered (Credit: ITV)

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On Tuesday (January 28), Marlon pleaded with the Hotten police to believe him when he explained he wasn’t responsible for Graham’s murder.

The Emmerdale police remain deeply incompetent.

But, despite only having circumstantial evidence, they charged him.

Of course, we know that the man who REALLY murdered Graham was rapist Pierce Harris, who remains at large and is not even on the cops’ radar.

Graham dead Emmerdale
Will Graham’s killer ever be caught? (Credit: ITV)

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Those watching from home were horrified on Marlon’s behalf, with many slamming the police for missing vital evidence – including Pierce’s DNA on Graham’s body.

Others questioned how there was even CCTV in the woods.

As soon as Graham’s corpse was found on Monday (January 27), the local police made pub chef Marlon their prime suspect due to his open rivalry with the deceased.

Pierce is the REAL killer (Credit: ITV)

But fans think they could do a better job of investigating the crime, calling out a series of blunders.

One wrote: “Makes no sense!! Never heard of DNA? Because Pierce’s will be all over Graham!”

Another added: “What I don’t get is that they’ll have Pierce’s DNA on record from raping Rhona and Graham’s body must be covered in his DNA?”

A third seethed: “How stupid are those cops?”

“As always, the Emmerdale police remain deeply incompetent. Unless they can link Marlon to that specific torch they have no case,” said one more.

Another seethed: “Really can’t believe how pathetic this is getting. How do they get forensics back so soon in a tiny village like that? And why have they not found any of Pierce’s DNA on Graham when he wasn’t wearing gloves, this plot is totally laughable.”

Others pointed out that there couldn’t possibly be CCTV in the woods, with one tweeting: “More laughable they have CCTV in the woods.”

More still called the plotline “predictable” and “boring” for arresting an innocent man of murder – not exactly an original idea in the world of soaps.

There were also many more viewers who expressed their devastation for fan favourite Marlon, and their concern that the real killer be caught…

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