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Emmerdale: What is Nate Robinson’s real identity?

There's even a theory linking him to Joe Tate!

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Fans of Emmerdale know Moira Dingle has been having an affair with Nate Robinson for months behind her husband Cain’s back.

However, since his arrival, fans have suspected there is more to newcomer Nate than just a randy farmhand.

They’ve come up with many different theories about him and if he really is who he says he is. Clue: he’s almost certainly not!

Recently, Sally Dexter, who plays Cain’s mum Faith, confirmed that there is an identity twist with Nate.

Moira and Nate bed
Moira has been cheating on Cain with Nate (Credit: ITV)

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So who is he?

Nate is Cain’s son

Emmerdale Nate Cain Credit: ITV
Are Cain and Nate father and son? (Credit: ITV)

A popular theory is that Nate is actually Cain’s long-lost son.

Cain had his first child, a daughter called Debbie, when he was a teenager.

He is also father to Kyle and Isaac.

It’s possible, though, that Cain fathered another child before he even came to the village back in 2000.

Perhaps it’s a child even he doesn’t know about…


Nate is Cain’s Nephew

Is he a secret Dingle? (Credit: ITV)

Another popular theory was that Nate is actually Cain’s nephew – son of his half-brother Nathan.

Nathan Dingle is the son of Zak and Nellie Dingle and has been estranged from his family ever since they ruined his wedding by starting a huge fight.

He has been mentioned over the years but never actually been seen.

Some fans think that Nate could be Nathan’s son sent to get revenge.

In a Digital Spy forum, one wrote:  “Nate is certainly being very manipulative, and is just basically using Amy and wants to hurt and harm Moira and Cain’s relationship.

“It just comes across as having more to it than him only wanting to get into Moira’s overalls.”

A second said: “Cain has a half-brother Nathan who is estranged from the Dingle family. He’d obviously be too old to be Nate, but maybe Nate is Nathan’s son?”

Nate’s been hired by Kim Tate

Kim will do anything to get what she wants (Credit: ITV)

Another interesting theory is that Kim Tate hired Nate in an attempt to destroy Moira and Cain’s marriage.

Viewers will remember when she came back to the village earlier this year she vowed revenge after Cain refused to sleep with her.

Some viewers think that Kim hired Nate to split up Cain and Moira.


Joe Tate hired Nate to ruin Cain’s life

Joe Tate Emmerdale
Cain punched Joe and seemingly killed him (Credit: ITV)

A couple of fans think that Joe Tate hired Nate to ruin Cain’s marriage.

Last year, Joe was seemingly killed off when he was punched by Cain Dingle for standing his daughter Debbie up on their wedding day.

The fall caused Joe to hit his head on a rock and seemingly Graham ‘disposed’ of his body, as Kim had told him to kill Joe.

But a couple of months ago it was revealed Joe was alive and in hiding from Kim, with the help of Graham.

Did Joe hire Nate as revenge for Cain nearly killing him?


Nate is Faith Dingle’s son

Faith left Chas and Cain when they were younger to escape abusive Shadrach (Credit: ITV)

Recently Faith actress Sally Dexter confirmed she would be leaving the soap, but could she have a bigger link to the farmhand than we thought.

There is a theory that Nate is really Faith’s son, making him Cain’s half-brother.

Fans know Faith left Cain and his sister Charity when they were younger as her husband Shadrach was abusive towards her.

Could she have had a baby with someone else after leaving her children? Or could she have been pregnant when she left, making him Shadrach’s son as well?


Nate’s been hired by Faith

Could Faith have hired Nate to split up Moira and Cain? (Credit: ITV)

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An Entertainment Daily theory is that Faith could have hired Nate to split up Moira and Cain.

We know they haven’t had the best marriage and there has been cheating on both parts.

Is it possible Faith didn’t want Cain to be with Moira anymore so she hired Nate to split them up?

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