Emmerdale viewers think Kim Tate hired Nate to destroy Cain and Moira’s marriage

Nate and Moira will have an affair

Emmerdale viewers have a theory that Kim Tate hired Nate to come between Cain and Moira Dingle.

Nate first arrived in Emmerdale a couple of months ago, shortly after kissing Pete’s girlfriend, now fiancéeRhona Goskirk on the Big Night Out.

Since his arrival, he’s had a one-night stand with Kerry Wyatt and Tracy Metcalfe and recently started seeing Kerry’s daughter Amy but it he also has eyes for married Moira.

Emmerdale Pete Nate Credit: ITV
Nate has kissed Rhona and had one-night stands with Amy and Kerry (Credit: ITV)

The soap has teased chemistry between Nate and Moira over the past few weeks.

Firstly when Moira was about to walk out of The Woolpack without taking her phone with her, Nate jumped up to hand it over.

As their hands touched, the moment lasted a smidgen too long with them staring into each other’s eyes.

Moira is married to Cain Dingle (Credit: ITV)

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In another sexually charged scene last week Moira returned home to see Nate parading round in his underwear after using her shower.

Emmerdale recently confirmed that Moira and Nate would have an affair, leaving a lot of viewers unhappy.

But some viewers think that there is more to their affair and Kim paid Nate to come between the couple after Cain rejected her.

In last night’s episodes (July 11 2019) Cain returned home from Scotland to a furious Moira.

He admitted to her he had gone up there to sort out a garage Lisa had left to Cain’s sister Belle and daughter Debbie, but he planned on selling the garage without them knowing so Debbie didn’t move away.

Nate overheard the conversation and asked Moira why she allowed Cain to talk to her badly.

The pair came very close to kissing and Moira told Nate to pack up and leave, but told Cain he had quit.

Moira and Nate nearly kissed (Credit: ITV hub)

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When Cain went to go get him back, the pair started arguing as Nate revealed to everyone, including Debbie, what Cain had been up to in Scotland, leaving her furious.

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