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Wednesday 19th February 2020

Emmerdale SPOILER: Victoria decides to leave the village

Can she get away from Lee and Wendy?

Next week's Emmerdale sees Victoria Sugden make the shocking decision to leave the village in a bid to get away from rapist Lee and his trouble-making mother, Wendy. But can she escape without them noticing?

Victoria has been to hell and back over the last few months.

Diane and Victoria are fuming to see Wendy is back (Credit: ITV)

Following her rape at the hands of evil Lee after a night out in town with her friends, Victoria discovered she was pregnant from the ordeal and shocked her family by revealing she plans to keep her baby.

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After recently coming face-to-face with Wendy, Victoria is desperate to escape the village and move somewhere that she won't be able to find her, and next week she puts Keepers Cottage on the market.

Despite not wanting Victoria to leave, Diane helps her prepare the house so it is ready for the estate agent's visit.

Diane and Victoria desperately try and distract Wendy so that she doesn't see the estate agent (Credit: ITV)

But just as the agent is about to arrive, Victoria is stunned to see Wendy is back, and this time she means business.

As Robert distracts the estate agent, Victoria and Diane steer Wendy away, desperate for her not to find out that Victoria is planning to leave the village.

Diane asks Pollard to buy her half of the B&B (Credit: ITV)

Wendy is adamant that she wants to be part of the baby's life and drops the bombshell that Lee might even go for custody, causing to Diane to see red and desperately try to get rid of her.

By the time she has gone, Victoria is terrified and more determined than ever to leave the village and the trauma of the past few months behind her.

Robert is desperate for Victoria to stay in the village and decides to teach Lee a lesson (Credit: ITV)

Seeing what a mess Victoria is in, Diane goes the extra mile and asks Pollard to buy her out of the B&B, determined to get some money to help the desperate mum-to-be. But will Pollard make her an offer?

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While Diane is understanding and knows this is something that Victoria has to do, not everyone is as understanding.

Robert stalks Lee, but what does he have planned for his sister's rapist? (Credit: ITV)

Robert is fuming that Lee's actions are driving his sister out of her own home, and stalks him from afar at his house.

But what is Robert planning, and will it be enough to convince Victoria to stay?

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.

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